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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
It's due to that little cooler you're running with bits chopped off it.
It is throttling the CPU, it'll probably be down clocking the CPU down to 3.0ghz under load conditions.

Run Heaven or luxmark in a window with cpu-z open next to it, You''ll see what the CPU clock does then under load.
I've got CPU-Z installed which is showing the CPU clock etc, but i'm struggling to find a program which shows the CPU & GPU temps. I've got CPUID HWMonitor, which is giving some figures (TMPIN0) at idle 33'c, running Heaven Benchmark max 42'c (using only 1/3 to 1/2 of CPU) and dropping to 3Ghz...strange behaviour.
Also the iGPU temp is around -2'c!

PS: Just ran Warframe in window mode and that stayed 3.6-4.0Ghz, ran Crysis and that dropped to 3Ghz. What i don't understand is when the CPU is 'idle' in windows it returns to 4.0Ghz! running backwards compared to an Intel.

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