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Originally Posted by Tom|Nbk
Most PSU suppliers will be sending out Free 8 Pin adaptors providing shipping is paid.

Gibbo what PSU are you using with your card?, knew this wouldn't be true, Fuad should be banished from the internets, the utter moron.
Hi there

Our system had an Enermax 1000W PSU.

I have the ATI Tech/Fact sheet here so upto 200W is requirement at stock clocks with 2x6pin connectors.

If overclocking then you need 1x8pin and 1x6pin connected and then it consumes upto 225W.

I hope ATI don't bash me for stating this but I don't want misleading information such as that going around.

Fact is a decent quality 400-500W PSU will run of these cards fine if your running a Core 2 DUO system or Athlon X2 based system.

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