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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 07:56   #1
Wise Guy
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Stopping Bank Statements - Barclays

I have 2 bank accounts - one with First Direct (FD) and one with Barclays. The FD one is paperless statements but Barclays are refusing to do this saying that is it the law that they have to send paper statements out. Very strange as FD was very easy to set up as paperless and I've had no problems with them. I've tried ringing Barclasy and also going in to see them but still no joy. Has anyone else come across this or are they just being a pain in the rear area? I do all my banking online and check my accounts at least twice a week so I'd notice if something was wrong quicker than I would receiving a statement. Just thought it would be good to go paperless in this day and age!
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 08:05   #2
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I would guess that it being against the law is rubbish as Natwest have been encouraging people to switch to only having electronic statements recently.
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 08:41   #3
Wise Guy
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I tried to do the same with Barclays, best they would do is stop sending monthly statements, instead they will send all 12 out once a year.

Barclaycard was more than happy to stop sending statements out though.

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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 09:52   #4
bullit in head
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very odd, all banks I'm with now actively encourage paperless billing.
and have done for some time.


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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 10:08   #5
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Very strange, all the banks I use are rampantly trying to force paperless accounts on me. They use the old green line but it's all just a money saving exercise until they offer me something in exchange like the energy companies have I will continue to demand my once a month paper statement.

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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 10:55   #6
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they only like paperless cos it saves them cash that they can gamble, then lose, then get bailed out by the taxpayer, barclays obviously are a bit behind the times.

but I like paperless statements
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