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Old 16th Aug 2011, 16:02   #1
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Citroen Xsara Key Fob

Hi, I bought a Citroen Xsara last Friday...

Only problem is the central locking key fob doesn't work, you have to lock/unlock the car by using the key in the door. I've looked at a few different forums on how to re-program the fob but non of them seem to do the trick and I havent got a clue how to change the battery as there doesnt seem to be anyway of knowing how to open it.

I've rang Citroen and they told me it would be 50 for them to re-program it and 150 for a new key fob, but for something that only takes a few seconds I'd rather see if I can do it myself.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks :-)
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Old 16th Aug 2011, 18:31   #2
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I've had a Xsara for a few months now and what you've been quoted seems to be the going rate. Apparently you need to prise the thing open with a thin blade (stanley knife?) to change the battery.
Though before you do, have a look here:
I wouldnt want to be responsible for you breaking your key, so maybe ask the question there before doing anything drastic.
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