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Lenovo g550 power/charging problems

Hi guys, My other half has the above laptop and about a month ago it developed a charging fault, I had a look at it and noticed it only charged when held in a certain way, I also noticed that the cable was cracked right near the jack, so I ordered another one to replace it.

I thought the new charger (was not brand new but second hand but exactley the same one as she had before) would do the trick but after working for about an hour, that charger went the same as the one before and this one seemed to be in good condition with no nicks in the cable.

I then ordered a new dc power jack as after examining the old one it looked a little frail and the solder joints on the negative terminal was weak, I also noted that the corner of the laptop had suffered a bit a banging on it and that the charger cable was loose when attached to the laptop, The dc power jack came today and I fitted it to the lappie, though when I put the charger in nothing not a flicker, Nadda, So I turnt the charger jack to a upright position and it powered on and when left in this position it stays on no probs and this has been the issue all along .

I cant for the life of me work out why, after a replacement charger and brand new dc power jack cable I still have this problem, thing is she needs it for work as she works online and I need her off my gaming rig ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Asus ROG MVF-i5 2500k@4.3-MSI Gaming GTX 780-
RM850 Gold PSU-8Ghz Vengeance ram @1600-
Acrylic Water-cooled loop, Monsta Rads-Win 7 64-
Intel 180gb ssd-64gb Crucial ssd-500gb-Primo-Asus xonar
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