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Old 27th Jun 2012, 08:21   #1
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AMD C60 boost feature

I'm considering a netbook or small laptop with the AMD C60, partly because the newest Atoms like the N2800 seem to have limited or faulty Ubuntu Linux compatibility at the moment. I know there are other AMD CPUs on smaller machines and have had an E450 laptop but wanted something very basic and cheap for out and about. (All the E450 laptops seem in a middle ground price- wise where their size and price would make me fret about breakage, whereas the netbooks inspire a more casual attitude, to my mind.)

I've seen that this dual core C60 can be boosted to 1.3 ghz. Is this only using Windows software or will any C60 machine have the feature in the BIOS?

I've read that the C60's graphics performance is a lot better than all the Atoms', and my wish for this is that the operating system (Ubuntu's Unity interface) will run fairly smoothly, not that I'd use games or anything - I'm hoping for program window sand menus to open without glitch as they wouldn't with my old single core N450 netbook.

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Old 27th Jun 2012, 12:02   #2
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It should work. It works on the BIOS level so it should also kick in with Ubuntu, considering loads of CPUs have a boost option now (Intel's TurboBoost, AMD's TurboCore).

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Old 30th Jun 2012, 20:27   #3
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I hvae a c60 netbook, its fantastic , and the turbo boost feature is a hardware function that is OS independant.

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