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Question Samsung 840 Pro vs Vertex 4

Hi, im looking to get a SSD start of December but im trying to choose between the Samsung 840 Pro and the OCZ Vertex 4.

I'm looking at the 128GB sizes as this will mainly be just a boot drive, but with a few other stuff installed on it but 128GB is as far as my budget will allow. This is also to allow my full 3TB HDD use of Steam, games and other software as at the moment everything including the OS is installed on that, so if i do a fresh install or like a last month a complete hard drive crash forced me to re-install my OS and it literally the day before i backed up my valuable work, typical. So i want a SSD to avoid that, and get a nice performance boost in boots time.

Right, to the meat:

The Vertex 4 is one of the fastest SSD's from what i've seen. Its pretty cheap for 128GB and i trust OCZ as a company on build quality, longevity i have no idea what to expect but nothing bad i hope. Now we have the 840 Pro, possibly by far the fastest SSD you can get, again i trust Samsung as a great company on build quality. Draw back been its more Expensive than the Vertex 4, but as said quite a bit faster. I after the fastest i can afford really, quality and lifespan is important but if they are both 5+ years i dont mind. To add i was also considering the Agility 3 as thats a great little cheap SSD, but im after speed this day over value for money.

This is the comparison i've been working of, not everyone likes using this but i find it very good site to get the basics and most of the time AnAndTech is pretty spot on with the comparisons, sorry if you disagree i don't mind

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I was thinking like you, eventually went for the 830 128gb.

The issue is, you won't be able to tell the difference really unless you are doing something really data intensive on that disk.

Also, remember that the 840 pro is really fast on 256gb+, the 128gb is not as fast as the higher density ones.

My advice is to go for a cheaper one, you won't be able to tell the difference and save the money as well.

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