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Old 8th Jan 2013, 15:38   #1
Wise Guy
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Samsung S27A850D vs S27B970D which to get?

Been offered the 850D and 970D at a rather good price. 473 vs 587. Is the 970D worth the extra? It has an HDMI port, and gloss screen instead of Matte.

This is mainly for games, eve, dow2, sc2 etc. Is it worth the extra?
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 17:12   #2
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Bit of a difference right enough. I have no experience of the 850D but I have the 970D and just love it.

My sig shows I have the Asus but I got a "deal" on the 970 and got it for 600 flat and to be honest that is about as much as I would have spent - pretty much weighing up now whether or not to return the Asus for a refund.

I still see the 970 new for circa 800 which quite frankly is ridiculous. For the price you have been quoted I would take it and if it is "new" you could always sell it on and I doubt you would lose any money.

The 970 looks amazing as I'm sure you've figured out anyway and I am one of "those people" who value style just as much as substance - to an extent, I've never owned an Apple product and never will!

Sitting on the desk it looks the part and for games and blu rays (which is what I do most) it is outstanding. Also one of the few monitors I have had where the Dynamic Contrast is actually usable and very good.

Other than the money and the looks it really comes down to whether you prefer glossy or matte, I have had a few of both types and i don't mind the gloss. My small personal office only has one window which is to the side so reflections don't bother me.
If I had to choose I would go gloss over matte purely because the AG coating takes away from the colour punch IMO

I usually take the Top Gear mentality whereby if I had bought the lower model I would look at it every day and wish I had just stretched that little bit extra for the higher one - partly why I had the Asus no time before I was pining over the 970 - that and the fact that I got it for 200 less than the RRP.

Hope all this helps anyway!

"Don't you think if I were wrong I'd know it?".
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