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Old 8th May 2010, 03:37   #1
Wise Guy
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Sony ericsson MW600 bluetooth driver for Windows 7 ?


Does anyone know where I can get a driver for this bluetooth stereo headset so I can use it with my Win7 netbook.

Win 7 currently sees it, gives it the correct name and then reports it cannot find drivers online. No drivers came with it and I have not been able to locate any on the se website.


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Old 18th Aug 2010, 11:47   #2
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I got it to work

Just bought one of those and was dismayed to discover that it didn't work with my laptop because Win7 doesn't have a driver for it.

Windows did, however, give me 3 possible action center solutions to choose from. It suggested I needed an updated adapter driver, as well as one for the device. One sent me off to Broadcom, the other to Lenovo. I downloaded the broadcom driver which looked like it was going to work, but the most I could get out of it was standard hands-free which produced phone quality audio, which sucked.

I uninstall it all and tried the lenovo driver and voila! Everything working, Media Player track name is displayed on the OLED screen, I can play/pause etc - fabulous. At the time of writing the only thing I have left to test is a simultaneous connection to my phone so I can handle calls while listening to music on my laptop.

'ere be the driver that works, and seems to include both 32bit and 64bit software:

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Old 11th Feb 2011, 10:45   #3
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No Jubbird that does not work and that software you described is for ThinkPads. WHen I install it it does not find the headset.

What a pile of balls - 30 for a good headset and they do not even provide a driver... shocking.
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