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  1. Mr Evil

    140mm PWM fans which will STOP

    It's the other way around. The PWM pin is, per the spec, pulled up internally, so if it's not connected then the fan runs at 100%.
  2. Mr Evil

    Network share on one PC refuses all fixes

    Have you tried qualifying the username when logging in? i.e. if the machine with the share is called "HAL-9000" and your username is "Dave" then log in as "HAL-9000\Dave" rather than just "Dave".
  3. Mr Evil

    Asus ROG X570 Crosshair Dark Hero Release? *** NO Competitor Talk ***

    And of course despite over a month of playing music with no problem, I get a BSOD the day after posting here. Back to using a different music player :(
  4. Mr Evil

    Asus ROG X570 Crosshair Dark Hero Release? *** NO Competitor Talk ***

    Since I got the Dark Hero and a 5950X I've had a problem where playing audio would cause infrequent BSODs, but only when playing through foobar2k and a USB Bluetooth adapter. Although the symptoms differ, it seems likely that it's related to the Ryzen USB dropout problem that was reported last...
  5. Mr Evil

    Best wall mounted monitor mount?

    I will 3rd Ergotron arms. I have several LX arms (because they are really long, allowing for a very large range of adjustment). They are fairly easy to move - maybe even with one finger if you have really strong fingers and only want to push them up/down. You need two hands to position them...
  6. Mr Evil

    U.S. Keyboard layout, can I somehow get my (£) back?

    I typed a reply then noticed that this thread is 4 years old. So it doesn't go to waste, here's what I was going to post: I had this problem with a set of custom keycaps that didn't quite have the right keys for a UK layout. I got some UK keyboard stickers to stick over the US keys. You can get...
  7. Mr Evil

    Sudden blue/purple tint on monitors.

    If you go to Display settings -> Advanced display settings -> Display adaptor properties for Display 1 -> Colour Management -> Colour Management (it's buried ridiculously deep, I know), is there an ICC profile associated with either monitor? And then on the Advanced tab, is everything set to...
  8. Mr Evil

    CPUZ Benchmark (all welcome)

    Since I have lost the top position already, maybe I can take last instead. This is an i3 3217U in an Intel NUC, completely stock. It was in use until recently, then it had to be replaced because it's a bit too slow. Overclocking would just make it overheat. ST: 172.1 MT: 456.1
  9. Mr Evil

    Mini PC multi-tasking question

    I recently set up an Asus PN50 (with an AMD 4700U CPU), and did some tests of 4k video playback. It coped just fine decoding h.264 and h.265, with plenty of CPU to spare for doing other things at the same time. That was playing through VLC though; I don't know how different YouTube would be.
  10. Mr Evil

    32GB Ram with only 15.9 Ram Usable

    I think it's possible for this to happen if a DIMM has a poor connection. It can be connected well enough for the BIOS to read what it is, so it knows how much RAM is installed, but it ends up disabled because the connection isn't reliable.
  11. Mr Evil

    CPUZ Benchmark (all welcome)

    Tuned for power efficiency rather than performance. EDIT: For purposes of accessibility, the screenshots show a 5950X with an ST score of 692.6 and an MT score of 12280.8
  12. Mr Evil

    Are these PSU readings ok? Also weird RGB light behavior when switched off at the wall

    Thanks. It's been a massive pain changing everything over after I lost the .eu domain. To work out if the quantisation we've seen is what it should be, I used HWiNFO64 again to see that our motherboard uses a Nuvoton NCT6798D chip to monitor voltages (among other things). I then looked up the...
  13. Mr Evil

    Are these PSU readings ok? Also weird RGB light behavior when switched off at the wall

    It's likely that all the 12V readings from a particular motherboard will be off by a roughly constant percentage. It seems like a lot because we're only interested in the difference between the reading and exactly 12.000V, but it's only 1.2% difference between the two readings. The accuracy is...
  14. Mr Evil

    Are these PSU readings ok? Also weird RGB light behavior when switched off at the wall

    In the interests of Science™, I performed an experiment. I have the same motherboard, and a Seasonic Prime 1kW PSU. I used HWiNFO64 to measure 12V as reported by the motherboard, and a multimeter (uncalibrated but should be accurate) to measure the output directly at the PSU where the GPU and...
  15. Mr Evil

    Are these PSU readings ok? Also weird RGB light behavior when switched off at the wall

    I don't know exactly where on the motherboard the 12V sensor is, but assuming it's connected to the ATX 12V connectors, then it will be affected by the voltage drop in the cable when the CPU is drawing power, but not affected by the voltage drop in the GPU power cables. This is of course one of...
  16. Mr Evil

    Falling out of love with Anti-Aliasing

    SSAA doesn't have any wierd artefacts like that, and is just plain better than no AA. MSAA would be the next best, with better performance than SSAA. Unfortunately those two are not a thing in most games now. Aliasing artefacts are worse than your screenshots show though, since they include...
  17. Mr Evil

    Toughest keyboards

    You could go the other way: Buy a bunch of the cheapest keyboard you can find, and treat them as consumables.
  18. Mr Evil

    Toughest keyboards

    What are you breaking? If you're breaking the cable then a keyboard with a detachable cable would help. If you're breaking the keyswitches then maybe you should buy a dedicated baseball bat for hitting things instead of using your keyboard. Or you could look into vandal-proof keyboards, which...
  19. Mr Evil

    LG 28MQ780 Dualup - stacked 1440p monitors

    That's the same PPI as a 32" 4k monitor, which would make it a good choice as a secondary display.
  20. Mr Evil

    LG announced two new OLED monitors, 32 inch and 27 inch

    As a rule, if a monitor comes with a hood then it's stupidly expensive.