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  1. achitophel

    Brexit Discussion

    Not sure that I'd agree with this Dolph - international finance was regulated, but not heavily around 2003 - 2007. In any event, the regulatory failure was primarily in relation to mortgage origination - i.e. multiple loans were made to non-status borrowers effectively only secured on the real...
  2. achitophel

    General Election on june 8th

    Think UKIP are around 9% in the polls - with a hard Brexit having become Tory policy, I think UKIP are pretty much a spent force; difficult to see what they can use to differentiate themselves. Lib Dems will definitely make up some ground - they could scarcely fail to - and will effectively be...
  3. achitophel

    Best way to transfer medium/large amounts of EUR / GBP

    I used them to move about £200k to euro for a house I was buying in Ireland 2 years ago - no problems at all, but I was moving about £20k a day, since I didn't see the point in paying bank fees for transfers. They're FCA regulated, and equivalently in a lot of other jurisdictions. Their...
  4. achitophel

    Apple Tax issues in Ireland

    That's currently just BEPS - and it's a OECD initiative rather than simply EU. I'm personally pessimistic and it assumes large scale co-operative working between countries that ordinarily compete with each other agressively for inward investment.
  5. achitophel

    Apple Tax issues in Ireland

    Place of supply rules vary between goods and services and whether supplies are B2B or B2C. Broadly, VAT is meant to be suffered in the country where the goods/services are consumed. Certainly, on phones, VAT will go to the country where the phone is sold to the consumer (unless it's part of a...
  6. achitophel

    Apple Tax issues in Ireland

    This issue is clearly too complex to be dealt with easily, but bear in mind that Member states still have complete discretion over tax rates. The Commission's position is that Ireland's actions in not enforcing its 12.5% rate with Apple amounted to a sp[ecific, special deal with Apple and...
  7. achitophel

    Brexit thread - what happens next

    Article is fatuous, possibly deliberately so. Trading with the US / China is subject to potential restrictions / quotas / disguised restrictions, all of which the WTO is intended to curtail, with varying degrees of success. Access to the single market is very different and comes with a...
  8. achitophel

    OK for a guy to wear 'Victoria Beckham sunglasses'?

    I'd vote it's not OK for anyone to wear them.
  9. achitophel

    Who's Buying Gold

    Unless Sterling strengthens and / or gold weakens, you may be waiting a while...
  10. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    No-one's implying that they get separate budgets. If the UK leaves the EU, then all of the EU subsidies come to an end, as does the UK contribution to the EU. Whether or the extent to which the UK Government does decide / has sufficient resources to make payments should be determined on a...
  11. achitophel

    got a third worth bothing with masters?

    As others have indicated, I think he'd struggle to get onto a graduate scheme. I'm in law, and anyone with less than a 2.1 would struggle to get an interview, below 2.2 almost no chance unless there were exceptional factors (illness etc and then you'd look at the previous years' results and A...
  12. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    Except that:- The people who voted for Brexit do have a considerable amount to lose. The brutal irony of circumstances like is...
  13. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    I do actually agree with your arguments and I was and am staunchly in favour of remain. That being said, I acknowledge (as is implicit in your response) that this is principally underwritten by economic considerations (or more precisely, the other fall-out concerns in relation to the wider...
  14. achitophel

    £9bn inheritence

    It wouldn't matter whether they paid the income from the UK property out or not - it's UK source rental income, so taxable regardless of who receives it (unless charity / pension fund / sovereign wealth fund - none of which applies to Grosvenor). Also - read the annual report. A significant...
  15. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    Which is depressing, but predictable, as was the idea that certain people would treat it as a "protest vote" against vested interests / the elite / whomever. The same basic idea as Gove's incredibly cynical "We've heard enough from experts..." theme. I don't doubt that it is perfectly...
  16. achitophel

    UK Airport Expansion

    ? From a work perspective, Heathrow is a complete pain. Until we have Crossrail, it's miles from the City, requires getting to Paddington and still relies on a further train from there. Thameslink runs almost all night - there's usually a 2 hr gap in service somewhere between 2-4am, but other...
  17. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    There was ( and still is) buckets of information available, online, on TV and even in public libraries. I've no sympathy with the Brexit protest voters / Bregret etc. It was a key issue. As an adult in a democracy, you have a moral obligation to invest some time in reviewing the materials...
  18. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    The EU is much more than international relations - it is currently the supreme source of law in the UK, it governs societal interaction via the parts implemented from the Social Charter (working time directive / equality laws etc). I'm also deeply uncomfortable with the idea that certain issues...
  19. achitophel

    EU Referendum

    I have to say that I've never really understood this argument. Perhaps it's a question of perspective; I'm Irish so I'm well used to having referenda on European membership. I was bitterly disappointed with the result of the referendum and remain convinced that the UK will suffer...
  20. achitophel

    A strategy to defeat terrorism and secure world peace

    I'm not sure that that's democracy - isn't it frequently referred to as the governance by the majority without the oppression of the minority? My problem isn't just that it violates any concept of separation of Church and state, it's that Shari'a law seems to apply to non-believers also - i.e...