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  1. eddiemcgarrigle

    What "man jobs" have you done today?

    Replaced the hinges on six casement windows.
  2. eddiemcgarrigle

    Wind home turbines?

    Living at the top of a hill, these would be quite suitable for me. Relative low price compared to solar, just depends on the cost of fitting.
  3. eddiemcgarrigle

    Interest rates increased

    It'll be because he's likely paid off his mortgage and got savings. Poor diddums hasn't seen his investments grow so wants everyone else to suffer so he can make a few quid.
  4. eddiemcgarrigle

    Rog strix z690-3 gaming slow to post

    I'm getting the same thing with my Z690-G and Dominator DDR5 combo, hopefully there will be a fix soon.
  5. eddiemcgarrigle

    Your top 5 films (not judging, looking for options)

    Alien A Bridge Too Far The Thing Star Wars Fargo
  6. eddiemcgarrigle

    The End of Boris

    Eh, PPE debacle?
  7. eddiemcgarrigle

    Interest rates and inflation - what happens next?

    It's already happening. I recently remortgaged and my very low LTV (Loan To Value) was 1.7%, my advisor recently told me that those on low LTV are now getting offered 2.7% while those taking out 95% mortgages are still getting the lower rate. In effect, the banks are forcing people to pay them...
  8. eddiemcgarrigle

    Interest rates and inflation - what happens next?

    The media is continually saying that people are getting 6-8% rises in their wage for this year and that is nothing other than a complete fallacy. Those of us who work in the Public Sector are only getting 1% with maybe a few councils offering 1.5%. Wages are not going up, they are going down...
  9. eddiemcgarrigle

    Interest rates and inflation - what happens next?

    Nope, deregulation of the financial sector is what got us into this situation in the first place. Greedy financiers then took over.
  10. eddiemcgarrigle

    Interest rates and inflation - what happens next?

    Why would you want the BOE to continue raising interest rates? As has already been posted, with food and energy getting more expensive it's not as if people can help the additional spend otherwise they go hungry and/or cold just to line the pockets of the same bankers who ran the system into...
  11. eddiemcgarrigle

    Fracking on or off?

    C'mon lads, North Sea oil is a non-starter. After all, we Scots where told in 2014 that it was not worth extracting, that it was practically worthless and would run out in five years. :cry: The amount of time it would take to get new fields up and running (even if all proceeds where kept...
  12. eddiemcgarrigle

    Russian Influence and Interference in the UK

    Ah, Guido. The fact checker who had his facts checked and it was found his facts where not facts after all. Nothing more than a mouthpiece for right-wing propaganda.
  13. eddiemcgarrigle

    Marilyn Manson

    Worked a Mansun gig in Glasgow, after the gig two spotty kids where hanging about outside the fire exit hoping for an autograph (tour bus was parked out back). Mansun asked to be escorted to his bus because he was uneasy about the two kids, took me all of two seconds to convince them to leave...
  14. eddiemcgarrigle

    Russian Influence and Interference in the UK

    Rumours that Johnson refusing to act quickly on Oligarchs due to compromising video with prostitutes at the Bunga Bunga party at Lebedev's villa in Italy.
  15. eddiemcgarrigle

    Pay rise 2022

    Pay rise controlled by Westminster, expecting another 1.5%.
  16. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    Just saw a video on twitter showing Sam Taylor from These Islands (see my post on Kevin Hague) proclaiming Scotland has too much energy production to be independent and should just let England control it, as England is going to use it anyway.
  17. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    Kevin Hague is an Ultra Unionist proclaiming himself as an unbiased journalist. Regardless of the subject matter, he always has an opinion on it and it's always in support of the Unionist side of the argument (apparently free prescriptions, free dental and baby boxes are a bad thing). Further...
  18. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    Now you understand that we don't get the government we vote for, we only get the government that England votes for. UK wide is never going to work when one country dwarfs the others.
  19. eddiemcgarrigle

    Scottish Independence

    You are comparing an entire country to "one half of England is unhappy when they lose". The Scottish Government operates under proportional representation not first past the post as is England's voting system. If my area voted for a party but the SNP won, I'd be happy enough. My MP and MSP...