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  1. fretted

    Who was your teenage crush?

    Who didn't fancy Marina?
  2. fretted

    Are you British or English, Scotish, Welsh or Nothern Irish

    What century are we living in? Does it really matter whether you consider yourself English, British or Manx? I hope that one day these nationalistic attitudes disappear and people are proud to be whoever they are without having to be defined by ridiculous historical geographical boundaries
  3. fretted

    Niche Coffee Grinder - anyone buying

    Niche zero ofc
  4. fretted

    Niche Coffee Grinder - anyone buying

    Go for it. I love mine
  5. fretted

    Do you regularly clean your Toaster?

    I chuck it away and buy a new one
  6. fretted

    Amazon: your total orders in 2020

    Most impressive post in the thread
  7. fretted

    Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

    It also works the other way too!
  8. fretted

    Siliconslave's how to make espresso thread

    I've just put my name down for a niche zero, now need to get a decent coffee machine
  9. fretted

    Snail mail

    I'm in London and it seems to me that I've only been getting postal deliveries every other day for the last two months
  10. fretted

    Siliconslave's how to make espresso thread

    I have the basic Delonghi pump espresso coffee machine for a number of years now and it is starting to show signs of failing. Can you recommend me a coffee machine I can't buy where I would be able to notice a difference?
  11. fretted

    US Presidential Election 2020 - Trump vs Biden

    Just woke up. Any surprises so far? Looks pretty even I say from first glance maybe Trump more comfortable as he hasn't suffered any surprising losses?
  12. fretted

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    I can only see boobs
  13. fretted

    NHS track and trace

    Just went bouldering today and was asked to register on the NHS track and trace app. Are there still concerns about having the app installed on my phone or should I be a good citizen and do my duty?
  14. fretted

    So long Uncle Ben...

    I reckon the only people outraged by this are those who don't even buy Uncle Ben's products but looking for things to be angry about
  15. fretted

    Man sends banana to black mans table in Wetherspoons pub

    There is no reason to insult a black person or a ginger, it is both wrong. If a person can only gain mirth from belittling someone then they have failed in life
  16. fretted

    Man sends banana to black mans table in Wetherspoons pub

    The whole thing is disgusting. What titillation does one get off from such a stunt for anyway?