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  1. zero71

    Quest 2 PCVR Stutter - help?

    At least making the server console visible seems to cure the problem or get very close to it. Still seems to momentarily drop frame rate occasionally but the stutter is gone.
  2. zero71

    Quest 2 PCVR Stutter - help?

    Astonishingly, this is the fix...
  3. zero71

    Quest 2 PCVR Stutter - help?

    Both I've set everything to defaults and lowered the settings to 1.0 in the Oculus app. Debug tool on defaults. I'm told its a Win 11 thing.
  4. zero71

    Quest 2 PCVR Stutter - help?

    So we’ve had Q2 for over a year now on my sons PC, 3600 and 2070S and had no issues in VR over link or air link. I just got myself an Alienware R13 i9 12th gen with a 3080ti and expected to be in vr heaven. No matter what I do I have micro stutters and ghosting. It’s not playable. Even if I set...
  5. zero71

    Oculus Quest 2 Better Quality connected to PC direct ?

    This. I started out intending to play PCVR with little interest in stand alone, but I ended up playing native quest games almost exclusively. Taking advantage of cross buy is something I wish I'd done early on - ended up buying on Steam then again on Oculus. It's so much more convenient for a...
  6. zero71

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    When you search, at the bottom of the list (at least on ios) it shows App Lab as a hidden result with the option to view it.
  7. zero71

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    It's pretty good. I play with my son sometimes. It's not one we goto a lot, but it's fun. I much prefer that over Eleven. Think of it as 360 degree Squash mixed with Breakout.
  8. zero71

    returned faulty card now nvida or radeon next

    I hope this year sees graphics card stock return to normal. I'm fed up missing out on the 3080 FE at rrp of £650. Seeing all these 3080s and 6800XTs inflated to £1300 to take advantage of supply issues is shocking.
  9. zero71

    Reverb G2 or Cosmos Elite?

    Yeah. I didn't love the G2. Great in sims if you can power it, but tracking was rubbish, and I found the whole Mixed Reality interface gltchy. Every other time I wanted to use it I had to quit and restart everything or reboot the PC. Quest 2 is a great first VR headset. We now have two. Being...
  10. zero71

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    I have loads of games. The ones I keep going back to are Pistol Whip, In Death Unchained, Beat Saber, Pavlov Shak, and RE4. I enjoy S&S but get queasy, Walkabout Golf is fun, as is Superhot.
  11. zero71

    Prescription VR lenses - worth buying?

    I used German postal. Became Parcelforce in UK. No issues. Pretty quick.
  12. zero71

    Oculus Quest 2 getting official wireless 'Air Link' mode and 120hz PC support

    I found that if I changed anything from the defaults in the debug tool, it was a complete **** show. Running on defaults in ODT and then setting the resolution and refresh rate in the regular Oculus app to something I was happy was (90 and I dunno, 1.2, 1,3, something like that) was the way to...
  13. zero71

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    Haven't noticed it on our 64 or 256 models
  14. zero71

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    The rumours all year (up until a few YouTubers suggested this year, last month) was no Quest Pro or Quest 3 until next year some time. They've shown nothing on the Quest 3 yet, only the Pro headset which they said will be at the higher end of the VR price spectrum, whatever that means. Could be...
  15. zero71

    Resident Evil 4' VR remake hits Oculus Quest 2 on October 21st

    I've been on VR for about a year now, my legs are stronger than initially, but games like this still make me feel queasy after 20 mins. Not sure it's a game for VR newbies. I remember when I first got VR I tried to play Saints and Sinners and couldn't get through the tutorial - walking towards...
  16. zero71

    Resident Evil 4' VR remake hits Oculus Quest 2 on October 21st

    RE4 is a much more action oriented game than Saints. Graphically it’s maybe a notch down but it throws more npcs at you. It’s pretty fun so far, though I’m only a little way in.
  17. zero71

    Resident Evil 4' VR remake hits Oculus Quest 2 on October 21st

    The roundhouse kick is a bit unfortunate. I get that spinning in a fast 360 for the round house kick wouldn't have been a good idea - vomit machine springs to mind. But, it'd have been better to replace that animation with a simple front kick and left you in first person perspective. I'm sure...
  18. zero71

    new VR Game (HL Alyx Mod)

    According the YouTube in the op, it’s called Gunman Contracts Chapter 1
  19. zero71

    Resident Evil 4' VR remake hits Oculus Quest 2 on October 21st

    I’ve had one code in 12 months. Don’t seem to be a regular thing.
  20. zero71

    PSVR 2, anyone interested?

    Yes. Probs. But if is stellar and can be PC-less, could be tempting. Sounds like the Quest Pro is likely to be expensive too, with the new Quest 2+ being a facelifted Quest2 in an improved form factor.