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  1. Liamz51

    EVGA update RTX 3080Ti bios - yes , for mining unlocks

    The way things are, you wouldn't be able to if you wanted to.
  2. Liamz51

    HELP PLZ - RTX 3060 for £150 wtf?

    I need closure on this story......
  3. Liamz51

    Old 9 pin joysticks for 8-bit computers are surprisingly expensive

    Internet memes have ruined any picture like this for me........
  4. Liamz51

    GTX 1070 Upgrade?

    I had a 1070 and went to a 2080 (non-super) at around launch. That was a noticeable upgrade at 1440p - but as above, I wouldn't purchase a 2000 series card right now. The next gen is around the corner and if you can lower some settings for the time being that would absolutely be the sensible choice.
  5. Liamz51

    OcUK Comet Lake S review thread

    I bought one of the new i5s - two and a half years ago..............
  6. Liamz51

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Not that I often remember to do so under pressure, but if you can remember to reload when the pistol has 1 round left, that means you can slot a new mag in and then continue firing without having to pull back on the slide. On unrelated note, smooth turning has apparently been fixed. Looking...
  7. Liamz51

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yeah - keep your playtime under 2 hours and it should be a no quibble refund if you are unhappy for any reason.
  8. Liamz51

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Actually - after a bit more of a Google it appears that smooth turn should be in the game but the menu command to enable it is bugged. Hopefully fixed soon.
  9. Liamz51

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Can't get over how good this is. Absolutely everything I could of hoped for (except smooth turning, why are we forced to snap??). Excellent on a CV1 - sure it's even better on newer hardware.
  10. Liamz51

    Oldest graphic card still be used for gaming?

    I have a GTX560ti in a Q6600 based build that sees daily use, although it isn't my main PC.
  11. Liamz51

    PSU Connectors?

    I'm guessing at the question here, but that cable is designed to feed one GPU, so can be bent to fit without issue.
  12. Liamz51

    New or used (older) GPU? £300 new? Decent upgrade over what you have at the moment and I think slightly faster than a 1070 Ti
  13. Liamz51


    When the pound finally becomes worthless and 2080Ti's become the bartering currency of choice.
  14. Liamz51

    Oculus Rift CV1 replacement cables no longer available

    Still no update from Oculus - don't want to use my CV1 at the moment for fear of damaging the cable.
  15. Liamz51

    New 1070 still costs more!

    You need 1000+ posts to gain access to the member's market. I don't think you'll see anything offered otherwise as would likely be a breach of the forum's rules.
  16. Liamz51

    Upgrading GPU - It's time!

    Never miss an opportunity to ‘need’ to buy something.
  17. Liamz51

    Upgrading GPU - It's time!

    I hope if you went with the Asus you googled ‘RMA Asus’ first.....
  18. Liamz51

    Oculus Rift CV1 replacement cables no longer available

    Irrespective of warranty, consumer rights dictate that an item last for a reasonable period of time. I'm not sure that legally Oculus can simply dismiss these claims as being out of warranty as a £400 headset being rendered unusable after only a couple of years normal use probably wouldn't meet...
  19. Liamz51

    2060 to a 2069 Suoet. Worth it or not?

    The new model FE cards are very good and can be compared to AiB models. Cool & quiet. If that is within budget I'd go for it.
  20. Liamz51

    CPU Using 90 percent GPU using 40/60

    Surely an i7 7700k isn’t a ‘weak’ processor? It may only be 4 cores but it’s still 8 threads?