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  1. Belly

    Help Needed

    Thanks everyone
  2. Belly

    Help Needed

    Thank you very much. Can you recommend one?
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    Help Needed

    Thanks: Ritlabs The Bat! version 6.8.8 Unfortunately GMX doesn't actually give any adivice. It just says that TLS 1 & 1.1 won't work, it doesn't say that 1.2 will. Currently Ritlabs is launching a new version of The Bat vs 10 but I think people have to install vs 9 then upgrade to 10 and some...
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    Help Needed

    Hi, I'm in a real pickle now! I've just received emails from saying I'm NOT going to be able to send or receive email in the near future, they state: Quote: We are contacting you because one or more of your devices or programs uses the TLS 1.0 and/or TLS 1.1 encryption protocols to...
  5. Belly

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Slightly off course. As an Infantry soldier in BAOR in the late '80's, in an Air Mobile Battalion, we had our exercises in late autumn (after the German farmers had harvested their sugar beet) these exercises were NOT held near the Dutch, Danish, French, Czech etc borders they were held pretty...
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    Imagine you are looking at one row. In Cell 1 and 9 are just two pencil marks 5 & 8, however, there are a number of 5s and 8s in other cells in that row. Therefore in Cells 1 & 9 one MUST contain a 5 and the other an 8, so you can remove all 5 & 8 pencil marks in that row (only) because none...
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    Have a look at Row 2 Columns 1 & 2 you will notice that one of those cells must be a 1 therefore Row 2 Column 8 cannot be a 1 and you can remove the pencil mark. Simple I have the "Enjoy Sudoku (ES)" App which cost a couple of quid. It has a learning mode, so if you ask for a hint, it gives...
  8. Belly

    Sir Tony Blair

    Saint Jack Straw?
  9. Belly

    genetic screening service?

    Masterbating in the shower perhaps?
  10. Belly

    Who was your teenage crush?

    I'm surprised some of the leftwingers on here haven't said Dianne Abbott! Fifty years ago I'd have said Linda Lovelace, now, it's Lucy Worsley.
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    Does one exist?

    Thank you
  12. Belly

    Does one exist?

    Thank you very much
  13. Belly

    Does one exist?

  14. Belly

    Spec me a board game for Christmas

    The Hare and Tortoise - Good Fun, very competitive, adictive, love the game.
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    Does one exist?

    Hi, I’m looking for a 3.5 inch HDD Caddy to house an old HDD pulled from my old computer. Ideally it would have a power button on the front (facing me) the USB lead and power lead on the back (towards the back of my desk) and be housed in a cradle. All the ones I’ve seen have power and USB...
  16. Belly

    This was a scam text, wasn't it?

    What might have happened if you had clicked the link?
  17. Belly

    Decent Chess set

    It's quite amazing to me how many times we see a chess boards on TV/Film/magazines where the board is the wrong way around as in the above link (Ice Speed Chess Game £8.68). A recent cartoon in Private Eye showed the board the wrong way around. I emailed them and they said it would be...
  18. Belly

    Tory MP Sir David Amess murdered

    RIP Sir David. Perhaps murdering a kind, decent, selfless Member of Parliament might have more impact than murdering a member with a higher and more controversial profile. Murdering such a member will gain the sympathy of most of the population, a controversial one might not.
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    Own up! Who’s gonna buy an ‘I love Kier Starmer T Shirt?’

    After watching his speech to the converted on TV today I can honestly say “Thank goodness I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Tory”.
  20. Belly

    If Greggs Ran Out Of Sausage Rolls?

    If Greggs ran out of sausage rolls would we blame the Government? The Government seems to take the flak for everything. How can the lack of HGV drivers be blamed on the Government, after all it is NOT a state owned industry/department like the Passport Office, DVLA etc. If the Government...