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  1. teaboy5

    Sky FTTP VPN Issues

    Work in IT, and I would users who report issues with random VPN's drop and at time not working at all a lot of seem to be on sky. As bad as 6 out of 10 calls for example.
  2. teaboy5

    Kilometres and kg

    No one uses KM in their car so why when running or biking? Do people want to make it out like they went further.
  3. teaboy5

    Kilometres and kg

    lol. No idea were the KG for weight came from back in my day it's always been stone and lb's.
  4. teaboy5

    Kilometres and kg

    Anyone else getting sick of everyone bloody using km to measure distance and kg for weight within the UK? For example, I ran 10k today or I weigh 80kg. No you ran 6.2 miles and weigh 12 stone.
  5. teaboy5

    This Instant And Moment - 2022!

    Why wont you report the toilet as not working? That bit I don't understand.
  6. teaboy5

    The impending environmental disaster

    The UK will be a different place when millions of climate refugees start to arrive. Lets face it, we are fecked and no one is going to even try and fix it until it's to late. Sure look at the mess there was when petrol was running low! Be interesting to see when we can't even grow eough food...
  7. teaboy5

    Significant incident Plymouth

    Reading this I am going to take on board that you have forgot NI is part of the UK. We can legally own handguns of any kind here and legally store them at home. You can also request that you can carry a handgun with you at all times based on personal protection. But these are rare and are...
  8. teaboy5

    Significant incident Plymouth

    Jesus more crap about banning guns. Why would you ban the use of guns that can provide a fun a hobby/sport because of some nut job. The law works just fine and it seems the police are fault for handing the gun back over. This isn't the USA so don't compare us to them.
  9. teaboy5

    illegal immigration

    you think we have issues now with people arriving in boats, wait until the climate refugees start coming over in the years to come. I really do hope we don't open the doors then and learn to look after our own country first.
  10. teaboy5

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Can you really not think of a few things a smart plug would be handy for?
  11. teaboy5

    Life in South Africa...

    This is a good example of what will be happening in the years to come with some areas of the world become uninhabitable. If people think everyone is just going to sit around and say "O well" think again, there will be madness in the streets. And when we start to let millions into the country it...
  12. teaboy5

    How long until Ireland is united?

    I can ring my GP and see him the same day.
  13. teaboy5

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Do you ever use that bike? Every photo it's spotless.
  14. teaboy5

    Clarkson's Farm

    He may have meant he helped cut it like the young lad. Gerald and him are father and son!
  15. teaboy5

    Clarkson's Farm

    No one listens these days! In esp 1 he said the old farmer was called Howard
  16. teaboy5

    London violence reaching epidemic proportions

    Jail ? That scum needs put down like a dog.
  17. teaboy5

    Show Us Your Racks

    O it's nothing fancy. I need to allow a certain IP in to view CCTV footage as a site is monitored via a 3rd party. Didn't want to open ports for ALL external IP's but want it limited to that companies IP. It's a completely separate internet connection with only that CCTV box on the other end...
  18. teaboy5

    Show Us Your Racks

    Whats the mikrotik like ? I need a router/firewall that will attach to a CCTV system but only allow certian external IP's in. I can do the port forwarding on a cheap router, but can't limit it to the external IP's I want so they just all all. Do the mikrotik's allow for this at all, if you...
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    Whats the workstations that they need to RDP onto that can't be done on the actual work laptops and a vpn?
  20. teaboy5

    Do You Walk To Work ?

    What's with people using km's? We use miles here.