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  1. Adz

    DB11 / McLaren GT as Daily Driver

    I got the same email but I read it very differently. I read it as “we have absolutely no idea when we can deliver these cars so we stopped taking orders to avoid disappointing anyone else or cannibalising sales of cars we can actually make”. Daily drive sports/supercar, get a 911.
  2. Adz

    What annoys you about your current car?

    Tesla Model 3 LR - almost nothing, it's possibly the least annoying car I've ever driven. The nav doesn't have an "avoid motorways" option. Auto wipers are maybe a little under sensitive. Little rattle under the dashboard. Ferrari 812 Superfast - every cold start I have to cycle the...
  3. Adz

    When are you going fully electric?

    Sorry, fair point, what I really meant to say is that other manufacturers have a lot of catching up to do in terms of futurism and forward thinking. I think it's fair to say that, if it weren't for the Model S, the current crop of mainstream EVs would not exist in the form they are today. I'm...
  4. Adz

    When are you going fully electric?

    As an ex Model S owner and current Model 3 owner I'm very excited by the refresh and I've already got my deposit in. Tesla had to set the Model S apart from the 3 and Y by making it as futuristic feeling as possible and I think they've succeeded. Other manufacturers have got a lot of catching...
  5. Adz

    Help me choose a new car OcUK

    I remember your Monaro VXR very well, I had a huuuuuuge moment in my RS6 trying to keep up with you at a meet. I'd recommend getting a decent test drive in a Cayman. I think they're massively underrated cars, even the 4 cylinder ones.
  6. Adz

    OcUK Dadsnet thread

    Never had that issue with either of mine - in fact I had the opposite problem that they refused to be spoon fed. Surely a bowl of raspberries would be gobbled up?
  7. Adz

    OcUK Dadsnet thread

    I wouldn't do this unless I had no other choice, especially with a keyless car.
  8. Adz

    The VW UP Gti - What do we all think?

    I have one. It sits in a collection of cars which are in a different league of performance and cost but all I'm driving at the moment is the little Up!. It's one of the few cars I've driven that's actually fun at sensible(ish) road speeds. Flawed and a bit silly looking but very charming and...
  9. Adz

    I just bought a Ferrari F40

    This is my ex car. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s spot on in every way, it’s just cheap because of the mileage. Ask me anything re: F40 ownership.
  10. Adz're doing it wrong! Become a plumber!!!

    Same experience here. I have an honest plumber and gas fitter who knows what he's doing but he's always booked up and stressed - other jobs overrun which impact on mine. I've told him so many times that he should charge more and do less work but he won't have it. I also think it's a rewarding...
  11. Adz

    Porsche Owners Thread - If you own one or just like or hate them! :)

    I've got the same terms with Chubb. There's a value limit and high excess and a clause that the 'any driver' policy applies only to people who don't live with you so you can't use it for wives/girlfriends/kids/etc. New Porsche incoming for me...
  12. Adz

    Porsche Owners Thread - If you own one or just like or hate them! :)

    I have this setup. Great in principle but, with one opening, removing a car from the back means moving 5+ cars to the driveway. #firstworldproblems GT3 looks lovely, enjoy it. I have those buckets in my GT4 and, as buckets go, they're plenty comfortable enough if you need to cover distance.
  13. Adz

    OCUK founder Spie passes away

    I wasn't lucky enough to meet your father but OcUK and the community that he built around it inspired me in the early days of my own business. He's left quite a legacy and certainly won't be forgotten. RIP.
  14. Adz

    Vmax200 - March 10th 2018!

    Anyone there on April 21st?
  15. Adz

    Thinking of buying an F10 M5 - Talk to me

    I have an F10 M5, well over 2 years in now. It's been to the 'ring, it's done track days, it's been a daily runabout. Here are a few entirely random points of input from me: It's what the motoring press like to call 'traction limited'. Hopefully you like looking at a blinking traction...
  16. Adz

    fiesta 1.0 ecoboost

    I bought one of these for my mum (100ps version with powershift) and it's a great car for someone who isn't interested in cars. Plenty of torque and fairly refined compared to other 3 cylinder cars I've driven. Low road tax and ~40mpg easily achievable.
  17. Adz

    Vidahost - anyone hosting on acton.footholds get email password change?

    To the best of my knowledge (disclaimer: I'm not longer involved in day to day ops) there was no sign of any root level exploit. What happened is that an attacker who had access to one site on the platform managed to read wp-config.php files which had been uploaded with world readable...
  18. Adz

    Show Us Your Motors!

    The 355 has a Capristo on it so it sounds like an F1 car. Probably the most musical sound of all the cars. The CGT at full chat sounds like nothing else. The Griffith is nice but it's just a Rover V8 with no cats. It doesn't really compare to the above.
  19. Adz

    Show Us Your Motors!

    So, Friday night and I'm randomly browsing YouTube videos of F40s and I come across this. I thought the car looked very familiar (the tubi and the fire system) so I checked the history file and it did indeed wear that plate so I'm 99% sure it's my actual car...
  20. Adz

    Show Us Your Motors!

    It's obviously a better car being 15 years more recent in design. It's also better engineered. Both were produced in very similar numbers. But an F40 is an F40, it's been my dream car since I was a child and I don't think any car I buy in future will be quite as much of an event. It's...