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  1. Mr Spew

    Refurb MBAs?

    If you can get the student discount too then the hit isn't so bad, especially with AppleCare warranty free..
  2. Mr Spew

    Damaged Ipod Touch

    Nah, that's what they look like when dropped - used to buy/sell/repair hundreds of iPod touch units myself (returned using the Argos accidental damage warranty) - fun times.
  3. Mr Spew

    Getting a refund for dodgy iphone apps?

    I e-mailed Apple and they said to do this: • Please click here • Please select the most appropriate category and sub category • You will be offered links to resolve your query or to e-mail iTunes Customer Support
  4. Mr Spew

    The White Macbook is dead :( RIP

    11" isn't too small, even with a better resolution than the 13" MBP. Millions of netbooks are used happily, they're slightly too small for me now but the Air is perfect. Erm, battery life is five hours - how's that pants?
  5. Mr Spew

    Where to buy Applecare?

    Didn't have an issue with AppleCare from the auction 'site myself, never needed a receipt.
  6. Mr Spew

    Sell my MBP and get an iPad or not?

    I find web-browsing on an iPad fine for casual use but as your main web machine? Nah, stick to the Pro.
  7. Mr Spew

    Is Apple hardware cheaper in the long run?

    Bought a Pro via HE, resold it for the same price I paid £1250. Guy even came to collect it which was handy! Used it for about a year.
  8. Mr Spew

    The Apple HE store - Full prices and details in here. *prices correct as of 15/06/10*

    I did.. I ordered over the phone (Mac Mini) and got AppleCare warranty in 2009 when I bought it standard HE. Didn't pay any extra.
  9. Mr Spew

    iphone 4 Battery Problem

    Depends how much you use it..
  10. Mr Spew

    Little help regarding Apple Finance.

    Did you get student discount? Also, before Uni starts they tend to give away iPods when you buy a Mac too.
  11. Mr Spew

    iOS5 - Conundrum.

    The 3G just doesn't have the grunt, it really struggled on iOS4.x and was driving me nuts. They should've restricted it earlier than that to a stable release that didn't slow it down so much. Eventually I had it nicked, but then reclaimed it after the said arsewipe put it down the toilet and...
  12. Mr Spew

    Unibody macbook trackpad issues

    You can set it to tap-to-click in the meantime but yeah, if it's in warranty take it to Apple for sure.
  13. Mr Spew

    A thread to explain apple laptops?

    Only in Thailand and Cambodia would I be, say, a little wary. I know the former very well, but places like Burma crime like that just doesn't exist for the most part.
  14. Mr Spew

    He can't say I didn't warn him...

    The one with the :P after it? Tongue in cheek dude. I listed the stuff after that makes it worth the money but somehow I forgot to finish the sentence (or even close the bracket!). The standard of the casing, the keyboard, the charger and how it's put together is superior though, as is the...
  15. Mr Spew

    I have to share the news!!

    Yeah, the warranty isn't void if you change the hard drive dude, they tell you how to do that in the manual!
  16. Mr Spew

    Wil Mac OS Lion be free if you have latest Mac?

    So perhaps you shouldn't have bought one in the first place? :confused: Lion being released doesn't make Snow Leopard redundant, your Mac still works.
  17. Mr Spew

    He can't say I didn't warn him...

    I don't think anyone's arguing that Apple use some magic hardware that no one else has, just you with your alter-ego. How thin and slick it is matters to me, I'm paying the price for something top of the line, something that'll fit in any bag I have, is light and well-made - I've come across...
  18. Mr Spew

    The Apple HE store - Full prices and details in here. *prices correct as of 15/06/10*

    You can't buy ten, there's a limit of one or two per year using HE discount per person.