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  1. otester

    4080/90 taped out

    I have a suspicion that $2000 will become £2000 especially if that UK online sales tax passes. As a 3090 owner I can't see much benefit if it's just 20-30% extra.
  2. otester

    Need a New GPU for pc built in 2013 - i5-2500k

    I'd OC that 2500k to 4.4Ghz+ (get a Hyper212 fan or similar), regarding GPU I'd look on used market, see if you can get something around £100, maybe a 960. If you want something better I'd probably look at a laptop + dock given the state of the GPU market at the moment.
  3. otester

    Plusnet blaming me for extreme packet loss

    Another option is just leave PlusNet, they're garbage anyways.
  4. otester

    Moved into a new house....

    If you have a spare phone lying around you can tether that to a cheap router via USB. Otherwise a 4G router on used market for £40 or less should be doable.
  5. otester

    4G Router Recommendations...

    I've had better results doing it manually, finding the mast location, measuring the compass heading on Google maps, and pointing the antenna directly at it. I am referring to the back haul of the mast. Android phones also seem to refer to it as 4G+, whether they copied EE I don't know :)...
  6. otester

    AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, sees chip shortage easing by next year

    They may be available in 2023 but the prices will likely be much higher due to inflation caused by rampant central bank money printing.
  7. otester

    4G Router Recommendations...

    Generally EE will provide the best speeds in most areas, they also tend to have 4G+ everywhere, on a 150Mbps mast you can usually get close to full speeds during off-peak from my own testing. Beware that the MR6400 (LTE Cat. 4) doesn't support LTE-A or band selection, one upside is that it can...
  8. otester

    any idea when OC will get GPU cards in

    Apparently a lot of the cards are sold directly to the miners under the condition of no/very limited warranty, easy money for AMD/Nvidia/retailers.
  9. otester

    The (Ada) Lovelace architecture Thread.

    I wonder what the performance difference will be like between 3090 and 4090.
  10. otester

    Unreal Engine 5 - unbelievable.

    You can download UE5 yourself and import some free assets if the tech demo isn't enough.
  11. otester

    Best VPN

    If you have a Asus router with Merlin firmware as VPN client you can specify which devices connect to the VPN and also what IP ranges use the VPN so if you knew the IP range for Netflix for example, you could whitelist it.
  12. otester

    Streaming from PC to monitor? For gaming

    Steam Remote/Link should work for this.
  13. otester

    4G Router Recommendations...

    Tips from my experience: Use cellmapper to find nearest mast(s) for your operator. Test the mast with a cellphone at off-peak time to try and guess max speed, a lot of rural masts won't go above 150Mbps so it's pointless buying a 600Mbps LTE-A router. Check to see whether 4G+ is available, if...
  14. otester

    Video TDR Failure (nvlddmkm.sys) 1080TI

    Might want to get in contact with Thrustmaster to get that fixed, might be affecting other people too.
  15. otester

    Cheapest way to run 2x 4k monitors?

    GT1030 is a good option but you will probably need a DVI-D to HDMI adapter for the second monitor.
  16. otester

    Any news on the GPU rip off price change?

    £1399 is the original price I paid back in early October.
  17. otester

    Any news on the GPU rip off price change?

    It's a steal if you can get it for MSRP, but unless your doing high hz 1440p or 4k I would wait for 4000 series next year.
  18. otester

    Capping in game FPS?

    Download EVGA Precision X1 and power limit it. Some games also have fps cap options.
  19. otester

    eBay - RX6800 eBay Sale Going Wrong

    When I got my 3090FE my power supply said no despite being 1000W and a relatively new one, bought new Corsair RM850x and it worked fine. If he's not a scammer the repair tech should have solved it.
  20. otester

    RTX 3090 FE Heat

    The problem with the 3090FE is Nvidia bodged the rear memory thermal pads so it doesn't properly meet with the backplate so no amount of heatsinks/fans on it will do much, you can fix this yourself but at the risk of voiding your warranty/causing RMA issues, this brings memory temps down to ~86C...