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  1. MatteH Oxford

    Cb600 rebuild starting issues

    There's often a screw in plug right in the middle of the whole clutch cover housing, it's removable to allow easy access to the crank bolt so the engine can be rotated manually. It may be on the other side of the bike on the crankcase cover, I don't know cb600s well? like this:
  2. MatteH Oxford

    Cb600 rebuild starting issues

    Are you sure the starter is (always) actually turning the engine over? It sounds silly but remove the clutch cover plug thingy in the middle of the clutch housing (if it has one) and see if the engine is actually rotating under the starter. Be careful of oil leakage.
  3. MatteH Oxford

    Recommend me an exhaust?

    Honda of that vintage.....a Micron system if you can still get one.
  4. MatteH Oxford

    *** Show us your bikes! ***

    Termi's fitted, the bike now sounds like the spawn of the devil!
  5. MatteH Oxford

    Biker's Cafe Chatroom

    Yep, looks like it. I bodged a couple of jewelers screwdrivers in the plug, with some insulation tape wrapped around them and leaving the metal exposed at two points that wouldn't touch, then clamped my regular charging leads on them. Worked a treat, I'll swap over my ctek comfort connection...
  6. MatteH Oxford

    EU cover

    Carole Nash maybe?
  7. MatteH Oxford

    Biker's Cafe Chatroom

    Anyone know what type of maintenance charger plug this is? Maybe optimate or Oxford products?
  8. MatteH Oxford

    *** Show us your bikes! ***

    The combination of lightweight wheels, öhlins and higher footpegs absolutely make the bike, it is so nimble and planted over our crappy roads. Definitely my favourite naked bike, with the traction control off the bike gives little skips and bucks during hard acceleration :D I did like the...
  9. MatteH Oxford

    *** Show us your bikes! ***

    It's the best bike I've owned, and that's coming from a former 1098s owner too. There's nothing i dislike about this machine, the riding position is basically perfect for me too. PS Termi's were ordered yesterday :D
  10. MatteH Oxford

    *** Show us your bikes! ***

    New bike, just waiting on the Termignonis! 67 reg Monster 1200r, FDSH 1.p.o <5k miles Pee'd it down today but I have never enjoyed riding in the rain as much as that!! :D
  11. MatteH Oxford

    Whats your go to car battery recommendation?

    Yuasa, especially for motorcycle use.
  12. MatteH Oxford

    AMD Navi 23 ‘NVIDIA Killer’ GPU Rumored to Support Hardware Ray Tracing, Coming Next Year

    I think i just made the selling window, I sold mine on ebay to a buyer from Italy, and several other bits like my motherboard and 4770k went to Europe too. Do parts cost more over on the continent? Even after fees etc i think i got something like £207 but it was the powercolour red devil so...
  13. MatteH Oxford

    AMD Navi 23 ‘NVIDIA Killer’ GPU Rumored to Support Hardware Ray Tracing, Coming Next Year

    I sold my Vega 56 in May for over £200, have made do with a (borrowed) 1060 6gb and have just bought an 'open box return' Gigabyte OC 5700XT rev2 for £300. It performs well @1440p, very happy with it atm, a good improvement over the Vega. I don't reckon we'll see the new cards show in...
  14. MatteH Oxford

    EGR valve preventive cleaning?

    Service the car regularly with genuine parts (especially air/fuel/oil filters) and use quality oil, fill with quality fuel, try not to do too many short journeys in succession, occasionally give it a blast (up to red line) through the gears - but only when the engine is at operating temperature.
  15. MatteH Oxford

    What's your job?

    Currently working as a freelance construction project manager, but I have the most crazy employment history :D Started off as a mechanic, got fed up with low pay. Had a couple of years doing analytical chemistry in a factory laboratory, then a year or two temping at Honda Swindon & BMW...
  16. MatteH Oxford

    Anyone used Posi-Tap connectors?

    Yes, they are excellent and way better than the old scotchlok style connections.
  17. MatteH Oxford

    Cheap vs expensive oil

    An oil pump isn't particularly responsible for any measured oil pressure value (unless it is broken), wear on pump impellers has little influence. System oil pressure is mostly determined by the clearances between the cam,crank and bearing shells.
  18. MatteH Oxford

    Tell me about track days

    Especially on two wheels like what I did, it was like being on a rollercoaster but not attached to the track :eek::D
  19. MatteH Oxford

    Too old for my Panigale. What next?

    The speed triple 1050RS is a lovely bike, probably has the best throttle response of any bike I've ridden, unbelievably crisp. I don't think the raw figures do them justice, they are well spec'ed and there is good deals on them at the moment.
  20. MatteH Oxford

    2020 biking plans and ambitions

    I've been out quite a bit this year on a few ride outs; considering the covid bug situation! A trip to Poole Harbour being the highlight, the A338 is quite a nice route from Oxfordshire. That one trip was 2/3 of last year's total milage! :o