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  1. Drangueos

    The Cryptolambo had gone to the moon... Time for Cryptolambo 2!!!

    Nice one, btw your's sounded the best.
  2. Drangueos

    Biking Meet Up OcUK

    I'm up for it ;) Yeah it was great.
  3. Drangueos

    Wheel nearly came off recently bought car

    100% this was the wheel refurb company, I've seen it happen before but ofc the dealer should be responsible. I have a friend that refurbish wheels and he doesn't do jobs for dealers because they don't want to pay for a proper job, they just want the face of the wheel to look like new, so people...
  4. Drangueos

    How old is your smartphone?

    5 and 7 years old... Samsung Galaxy S8 and S6 Still does everything I need...
  5. Drangueos

    Biker's Cafe Chatroom

    Ah, so you sold the original parts? How is the decat? do you feel a big difference?
  6. Drangueos

    Biker's Cafe Chatroom

    Let me know when you decide to sell the blade, I might have someone interested. Did you keep the original parts?
  7. Drangueos

    Monitor shows no signal so I think I may have damaged my GPU, reccommendations for a new one (£500)

    I would try removing your sound card and installing the GPU in the lower slot, just for testing... as that slot is 8x instead of 16x like the top one. Also sometimes, reseting the bios would fix some problems like that.
  8. Drangueos

    Monitor shows no signal so I think I may have damaged my GPU, reccommendations for a new one (£500)

    What do you mean by pulled a small section out? Did you break the clip? did you damage the slot on the motherboard or what? Or you pulled the GPU a little bit out before you realised it was latched? usually if you pull the "left" side out a little bit (monitor connector side) is not a problem...
  9. Drangueos

    What is undertaking ?

    for me: undertaking = overtaking on the left
  10. Drangueos

    anyone got a extra long tow-rope?

  11. Drangueos

    £8-9k sporty car with better fuel consumption than RX8?

    I was like WTF... S2000 for 8k? until I realised the massive thread resurrection
  12. Drangueos

    Best gaming memories

    When I was the first to get an Atari 2600 and all my neighbours came to check it out, we were like 15 kids in my parents living room and we almost destroyed my joystics playing Decathlon.
  13. Drangueos

    Charges for driving around London

    Your car is a phev... 100% sure it is ULEZ and LEZ complaint, so you don't have to worry about that charges. Congestion charge you would have to pay if you drove in Central London, But I doubt you drove there to go to...
  14. Drangueos

    What am I?

    Looks like the kind of product that will break after a single use.
  15. Drangueos

    MOT Mileage in KM & Miles

    I agree with that, I usually check MOT history even before talking to the seller about the cars/bikes I want to buy and if I saw something like that, I wouldn't even call/msg him.
  16. Drangueos

    MOT Mileage in KM & Miles

    159539km = 99132 miles (2021) (considering it was showing KM on the dash) 105525 (2022) So it increased by more than 5000
  17. Drangueos

    How do you secure your bike?

    Careful, I might visit you again :D
  18. Drangueos

    *** How to obtain a bike license ***

    Guess the fiver app was not that good :p or maybe you were overconfident after the 1st try on the app. I failed my 1st theory because of 1 question, I didn't study anything, I used common sense... but some questions were about braking distances and that sort of thing I didn't know. For 2nd try...
  19. Drangueos

    How much do you think the AMD 5800X3D will cost at launch?

    A 5800X is $349 and a 5900X is $499... so I would guess $400 to $449
  20. Drangueos

    DONNINGTON TRACK DAY JANUARY 28th - 50 CAR LIMIT - 98Db driveby - £199

    You probably could take the fuse out or disconnect the plugs for the motor, some cars have a procedure to disable them.