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  1. IanAG

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    I have just got a regular S22, arrived about 10 days before they estimated. In the box and also via email the day/day after it arrived I got the details of the trade in which give me 14 days to send in the trade in handset. Not sure if the trade in process is different by handset thought, this...
  2. IanAG

    Phanteks Revolt X issue

    Nothing useful from Phanteks thankfully, clearly gone down significantly in customer service and product quality, I won't be touching them in the future for anything other than a case at a push. I did switch the motherboard as I was having some other issues, still the same with a gigabyte B550...
  3. IanAG

    Humble Choice

    Sent you a link, I am in two minds as to whether to pause this month, nothing particularly compelling for me although may try Mafia.
  4. IanAG

    How do I post to Ubiquiti thread

    There isn't a make a new post button, at the bottom of the page there is a window for entering a reply, and bottom right of that a "Post Reply" button.
  5. IanAG

    What retro things have you done today?

    Happy to say they both work! They are both easier than I remember them, with the main challenge being patience! Although I suspect if I play longer they will speed up. Bring back lots of memories playing, mostly when travelling - amazing to think one simple game could keep me occupied for a 3...
  6. IanAG

    What retro things have you done today?

    Found these, thought they were long gone! Ordered some LR44 batteries to see if they still work
  7. IanAG

    Phanteks failure and QC

    Phanteks appear to be happy to ruin their previous reputation for good support, disappointing and same as you I have spent a fair amount on Phanteks gear!
  8. IanAG

    Brand New Nas Failing 67512 bad sectors

    Do you care about any of the data you would put on the drive? Even if those sectors get reallocated, I wouldn't consider it myself, and for a new drive would return it as DOA.
  9. IanAG

    lastpass gone to premium only ?

    Has anyone recently been successful in deleting their lastpass account? I have been using bitwarden self-hosted for a while (now vaultwarden I guess), and an SMS verification code for lastpass reminded me I should delete it as I haven't needed to go back. Following both the known/unknown...
  10. IanAG

    LCD Lightgun? Yes please.

    Were you a Kickstarter or Indiegogo backer? If Indiegogo what was your contribution ID if you don't mind me asking? Just trying to gauge how legitimate the latest updates are in relation to my single recoil order (ID 11**). The "Fulfilled" status has been misused/abused which is frustrating...
  11. IanAG

    help wiring up old sub

    It wasn't meant to explain stereo bass, I am not sure anyone has raised stereo bass before you have. Subs are mono as you say, and sub channels are mono for this reason - meaning without a dedicated sub output you would be hacking up an alternative approach to use this sub. Your PC has a sub...
  12. IanAG

    Any conswole like cases with a sllim ODD cutout & the PSU in the back laying on it's side?

    What software store do you walk into full stop these days? Serious question for you as it seems you have some specific requirements that are not met by general demand these days. I had a huge external DVD drive for the rare times I needed a drive, recently replaced by a slimline external...
  13. IanAG

    Phanteks Revolt X issue

    Small update - hopefully only temporary due to the current challenges, but Phanteks support were less than helpful telling me to take it up with the retailer without a hint of technical input other than "make sure all the PSU are fully seated". Disappointing as my previous experience with them...
  14. IanAG

    LCD Lightgun? Yes please.

    Is that based on the update from yesterday? Where did you get the shipping date from as that isn't in the list unless you mean the 5th? My indiegogo ID (single blue recoil) is in the 1100's so I am hoping for production next week with shipping the following!
  15. IanAG

    LCD Lightgun? Yes please.

    Awesome, you backed it on Kickstarter right? Hoping my Indiegogo arrives in March but the sliding status updates are a bit hard to track. Let us know your thoughts!
  16. IanAG

    ***The Official OcUK Lego Thread***

    Cheers guys, manned up and mounted it on the wall over the weekend, seems alright so far!
  17. IanAG

    Sennheiser to exit consumer headphone and speaker markets...

    Absolutely, although I have had lower end pairs which after getting good use did need straight binning and replacing. I guess it is where differentiating flagship from lower end products in the range makes sense, although clearly Sennheiser have decided something isn't working. Wonder if the...
  18. IanAG

    Sennheiser to exit consumer headphone and speaker markets...

    Think it was £96 fixed fee, I had to pay for postage to them (UK address) but they cover the return. Have just spent another £100 or so on spares to cover another 10 years+ use! I have replaced the headband pad myself at least once before, that was simple from memory. I would have done the...
  19. IanAG

    Sennheiser to exit consumer headphone and speaker markets...

    Woah this is a shame to hear. I just returned my pair of HD650 for an out of warranty service, the pads/foam was disintegrating and the headband padding almost non-existent, they replaced my 10+ year old pair with a brand new set! Can't beat that for service so shame it won't exist much...