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  1. kingy666

    TrackMania² Stadium - OcUK Group...

    It seems i am a little rusty, i do hate the dirt tracks too! :D
  2. kingy666

    TrackMania² Stadium - OcUK Group...

    I am in, I played quite a lot years ago but in order to progress "up the ladder" and get a higher rank you had to beat players ranked higher than yourself. I was not really good enough to progress so stopped playing. Just got the fastest time on track 1, still life in the old dog ;) Edit...
  3. kingy666

    How long have you been with the same network?

    It must be about 23 years that i have been with Vodafone! I still have the same phone number and my first phone was a Motorola Micro Tak (nothing "micro" about it was it was massive) with a pull up aerial and the sim card was the size of a credit card! I do look every couple of years when i am...
  4. kingy666

    your favorite cult movie..

    Enter the void is one of my favourites but no one else i know seems to have seen it.
  5. kingy666

    My ZX Spectrum collection

    I also backed the Next kickstarter and can't wait to get my accelerated version. Think it is looking like early 2019.
  6. kingy666

    Which combi boiler / radiators ?

    Just thought i would mention on this thread that i had a Baxi 630 installed in January and has been a brilliant combi boiler. It is quiet and and does a good job of supplying decent amounts of water through our thermostatic shower. Has a 7 year guarantee and the guy who installed says he always...
  7. kingy666

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    I have just ordered a Uhans Max 2 as i need a large screen dual sim phone for work. I am getting fed up taking a phone, 10" windows tablet and a 7" android tablet to work every day. I am redesigning the forms i have to complete everyday so i will only need one device so found the Max 2 for £107...
  8. kingy666

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    That does look like a great phone. I am still using my elephone P6000 pro that i have had for a while now and it has been faultless although it is starting to struggle to get a full day's use without having to charge. I did buy the Maze Alpha but had problems with the bluetooth connection...
  9. kingy666

    Retro gaming live streams

    The new Spectrum Diizzy is
  10. kingy666

    Retro gaming live streams

    I ended up paying extra for the top of the range ZX spectrum next accelerated edition. It comes with 1Mb ram, wifi, RTC, and a raspberry pi zero added as an accelerator board. They have added a SID chip for sound (my speccy is part C64!). With the stretch goals all being reached on kickstarter...
  11. kingy666

    Retro gaming live streams

    I have backed the ZX Spectrum next kickstarter and can't wait to get my hands on it. I had an Acorn Electron back in the day even though i really wanted the speccy 48k but my dad thought the Electron was better for education. I will be trying to complete Chuckie Egg 2 which i loved on my...
  12. kingy666

    Dark Souls 3

    I think you should maybe watch a guide on how to play souls games as they are pretty damn hard. Just things like keeping your weight down under 70% as you can roll quicker is a very good tip. I did watch some 'walkthrough' videos for certain points in Dark Souls 3 as i just could not figure out...
  13. kingy666

    Lesser Known Comedy Thread

    For me 'The Trailer Park Boys' is one of the best comedy series of all time. Each series just got better and better up until around series 8. That's a blast from the past, I loved Nightingales too.
  14. kingy666

    Spec me a lifetime subscription VPN please

    I have the superhub 2ac. I have always had a good connection with virgin (and telewest before virgin took over). Not sure if it is to do with the virgin cabinet is only 50ft up the street and my street does not have many people on virgin as most are on sky.
  15. kingy666

    Spec me a lifetime subscription VPN please

    I have just paid £33 for a years PIA and ran a speedtest connected to Southampton server with my 150Mbps virgin connection. I got 153Mbps down and 9.8 up when using PIA VPN
  16. kingy666

    Android Boxes

    Have a look at the retroengine sigma on I am thinking of getting one myself but it is not due for release until April 2017. For the price i might just give it a try.
  17. kingy666

    What Bean to Cup coffee machine?

    I have a Delonghi Magnifica, same as Paradigm has in post 3. I have had it 2 years and use it a few times a day. It is a great bean to cup coffee machine and has been trouble free so far. I do give it a good clean every couple of weeks and i don't use the steam wand at all any more as i have a...
  18. kingy666

    Another Round of Price Increases ?

    Its called supply and demand, I wouldn't say overclockers rip people off they just adjust prices dynamically as markets go up and down. Modern retailing is a complicated business. Nobody forces anybody to buy from them as that is up to the customer, so if lots of people buy from a competitor of...
  19. kingy666

    New American style Fridge Freezer needed

    We bought a Fridgemaster american style fridge freezer (made by Hisense) last week for £385 which i spotted on Hot UK deals. The thing is massive and looks fantastic. Cost us a fortune to fill it, lol.
  20. kingy666

    TV Height on wall in front room

    I took our fire off the chimney breast and mounted the TV on it. We have central heating and never use the fire anyway.