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  1. trigger-happy

    Destiny 2... It's a coming!

    I'm new to destiny 2, is it possible to join the ocuk clan or any other clan? Thanks! battlnet id: trigger2k12#2598
  2. trigger-happy

    **The Official Star Wars Battlefront II Thread (PC)**

    woo got my key. Jumped out of bed when I found out, downloading now :D
  3. trigger-happy

    *** Battlefield 1 ***

    Just came out of hiatus and ready for some gaming! Added myself to the bf1 google spreadsheet.
  4. trigger-happy

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Square Enix Reveal new Deus Ex)

    I assume Tuesday 00:00am. Most of us here will probably VPN the thing to play it a few hours early lol.
  5. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    The thing blew up in my face, I think some of that stuff went on to my lungs :( Guys, looks like I'll have to phone the retailer to complete my rma, so I should tell them I didn't overclock it right? Lol.
  6. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    Well guys the 1080 has actually blown :( The new psu arrived today and the msi card caught fire, it sizzled like a fried egg! I tried the psu with the 6950 and it booted perfectly, motherboard was fine, psu was fine, 1080 got rekt. Sending it off for RMA now :( At least i got a brand new shiny...
  7. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    Hmm alright, my ax860i has been ordered and should be arriving tomorrow. I really hope it's just the psu. I don't think I can even restore the defaults as my system won't even start, I can't find any bios profile switches on my card either.
  8. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    Thank you so much for replying guys, i really do appreciate the support here!!! Hmm, i did OC the graphics card so maybe its just using too much power ? o.0 but it was a small OC, not big. Also I have managed to grab hold of another motherboard! and the issue still persists, I'm still using...
  9. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    I have indeed tried different pcie cables but the problem still persists, I just remembered I have my old motherboard which i think i can run a test off. If my old system wont boot on the 1080, then I'll call for a RMA.
  10. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    I did reset the cmos and the mobo bios version is the latest: 0801. I haven't tried to shorten the jumper but i did pull out the cmos battery, I will try that now. The 1080 was working fine in my old build which is in the sig below. Whats the best way to check if its definitely the psu? I...
  11. trigger-happy

    Cant post with MSI 1080 gaming X 8G

    Hey guys, I have made myself a new build which I'm quite proud of but recently i have ran into a major issue which has been frustrating. My system will not boot when the MSI 1080 gaming X 8G is present! This happened abruptly when I was playing Overwatch. Here is the specs for the build...
  12. trigger-happy

    Oculus Rift

    So whats the price on this thing?
  13. trigger-happy

    The wealthiest youtube gamers

    He says he gets his money from "other projects", maybe he's a developer? Dont know tbh, he's minted anyway.
  14. trigger-happy

    The wealthiest youtube gamers

    Sparkles got a new upgrade. He gets more money from his other job but yes he is a rich youtuber in a sense.
  15. trigger-happy

    Do you buy less from ocuk now?

    I'm poor as **** atm. Doing my masters, living off doritos while i code. I used to whore out on ocuk during my undergrad because of my student finance but those days are gone :(
  16. trigger-happy

    ISIL, ISIS, Daesh discussion thread.

    misquotes happens all the time here, no body actually read the Quran here lmao.
  17. trigger-happy

    "Leytonstone Tube station stabbing a 'terrorist incident'" - BBC

    Stabbings happen all the time in east london, its pretty normal. He just blurted out "Syria" now the whole media got a hard on.
  18. trigger-happy

    **** Star Wars: Battlefront ****

    currently pre-loading the alpha now. I only got 2 friends who have the alpha. It will nice to have more friends, add me on origin "trigger-happy10".
  19. trigger-happy

    Russell Brand.

    Nope. Still voted green. Sticking to my guns on that.