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  1. barrolde

    CoolIt Vantage Installation

    Hey Guys - glad you are liking Vantage. Its only going to get better when Maestro's out! Enjoy! BR
  2. barrolde

    CoolIt Eco ALC

    Hi Guys, I am with Rizla on this one.. adding fans, lapping and putting different TIM on a sealed loop is A OK but you really shouldn't tamper with the liquid loop for any reason other than entertainment / a fun project. As for pretty lights and colours, we have Vantage out now w/ an RGB LCD...
  3. barrolde

    CoolIT ECO Install

    All in a days work ;) Good speaking to you... looking forward to your feedback on installation in the next chassis!
  4. barrolde

    Finally got my CoolIT kit..

    HI Andromeda - sorry bro.. I didn't realize you had the 240mm version and sorry to hear it didn't fit for you :/ Theo - if looking cool is gimmicky then sure ;) Actually, as you probably know its pretty useful information. Vantage is also setup to work with our upcoming maestro software so you...
  5. barrolde

    CoolIT ECO Install

    Theophany - looking forward to your feedback on Vantage. Drop me a mail if you have any questions.. the install is really easy, you will see.
  6. barrolde

    CoolIT ECO Install

    Hi Andromeda, this is Barry w/ CoolIT. Can you drop me a mail at barry.reicker at with your phone #? I have seen ECO installed in the 690 before I am sure of it. I'll be online tonight in Canada and would like to walk through your install with you to see if we can't get it up...
  7. barrolde

    Bent radiator fins

    This is only a aesthetics issue and will have no measurable effect on performance.
  8. barrolde

    Coolit Domino A.L.C Liquid Cooling System, any good?

    Hi Razer, This is Barry w/ CoolIT. I would reccomend our ECO A.L.C for you. Nice and quiet and will support the OC you want. You can add another fan to it down the road or switch them to intake fans to boost the performance even more if you like. Regards, Barry
  9. barrolde

    Xeon backplate and coolers?

    HI 1Lancs, Barry here w/ CoolIT. What board are you using? The last Xeon board I worked with had a threaded backplate that our retention system screwed right into. I think they are all like that... Too easy! :) BR
  10. barrolde

    CoolIT Systems - 240mm ECO info

    You guys are out of control lol. We have some wicked technology in the pipe but no TEC / rad hybrids (that I know of). For the time being, we are 100% focused on our current line up which is pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself. As for the installation comment, I guess thats up to...
  11. barrolde

    anyone got the coolit omni yet

    Hi Hash70, Barry here w/ CoolIT. We have start shipping OMNI for GTX 480 and HD 5970 but not the GTX 470 or HD 5870 yet. We are going to get some reviews on those boards done soon though so stay tuned. Sorry for the wait! Regards, Barry
  12. barrolde

    CoolIT Systems - 240mm ECO info

    Flanno - sick build! Thank for posting up!
  13. barrolde

    ECO Or ECO 240?

    Awesome. Enjoy :)
  14. barrolde

    ECO Or ECO 240?

    When deciding between ECO and ECO-C240 the best advice I could give would be that an ECO in push/pull (intake or exhaust) will get you to 4Ghz perhaps beyond depending on the other variables on an i7920 which is is a good point of reference. An ECO-C240 can either go beyond or do the same w/...
  15. barrolde

    CoolIT Systems - 240mm ECO info

    Flanno, Thanks for the feedback. Would have been cool to see your comparisons but looking forward to your pics and results just the same. Cheers, Barry
  16. barrolde

    CoolIT Systems - 240mm ECO info

    Hi Guys, I couldn't really make sense of the HWC #'s either and have asked for a clarifcation but even though I do believe integrity exists and in most cases (and definately at HWC) is actually very important amongst reviewers, what I like to see are actual results from end users as well...
  17. barrolde

    First buid finished

    Nice build my friend! Sorry, dont know much about memories... Barry @ CoolIT
  18. barrolde

    CoolIT Systems - 240mm ECO info

    Hi Guys, glad to see some guys are getting their 240's in. Really looking forward to the results! Our tests have shown that even our standard ECO in push pull intake vs H70 was almost a dead heat so yeah very interested in seeing what you guys get w/ the 240 in standard, push/pull and intake...
  19. barrolde

    ECO Or ECO 240?

    Rrrrooooookies? Rhwere? Andromeda, i've got the chart below for your reference but if you tell me what chip you are using and what your OC / temp goals are I'll let you know what one I think would be best for you. Cheers, BR ps. the guys at OCUK are thinking they can get the 240 tested...
  20. barrolde

    The New Cases Gallery

    Hi Guys, nice builds! Especially digging the Vantage and ECO builds. Nice n clean! Barry @ CoolIT