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  1. Ryanr1987

    Monitor quality it actually getting worse? (Aorus rant)

    I've returned 4 Fi27q-x for multiple stuck pixels mostly green. The PG279QM also has issues but with lots of stuck color sub pixels, 2 units so far. No issues with LG panels ever always AUO and now sharp. Panel QC is terrible from AUO tempted to give up as I know my next PG279QM will have pixel...
  2. Ryanr1987

    Release date for the Asus ROG PG279QM?

    Any idea when stock is likely to surface? Another site is claiming the 10th but that was already pushed back from the 2nd so not hopeful
  3. Ryanr1987

    Spec me replacement for my Dell S2721DGF

    The GP850 uses the same second gen LG panel as the S2721DGF OC'd to 180hz. If you find the S2721DGF washed out I really don't know what to suggest it's a Wide gamut panel with no clamp which means if anything you should find it overly colourful on sRGB content. The S2721DGF actually follows the...
  4. Ryanr1987

    Sennheiser to exit consumer headphone and speaker markets...

    It's crazy how good they sound, the best experience I had with them was with some of the Eddie Current gear, I wouldn't recommend spending over 2k for a amp for them but outside of the poor bass clarity, control the upper mids and treble just have so much resolution that becomes more apparent on...
  5. Ryanr1987

    DT990 Pro or DT770 Pro?

    DT990 sound like what you'd expect from an open version of a closed headphone. A bit more peaky in the treble though and a bit less rumble, reverby sounding due being more open but they're pretty damped so can occasionally sound like more semi open sounding. The DT770 IMO is more pleasing...
  6. Ryanr1987

    M27Q vs 27GL850-B?

    I mean if it was me I dunno, Dead Pixels are common but then if you're going to obsess over them then is it really worth it to save £30 odd quid? Are you happy? if not then you know the answer mate. My current monitor has a dead pixel in the corner, I ended up getting a £50 partial refund, I...
  7. Ryanr1987

    Choosing a gaming monitor

    There is no best it depends on your use. In your case you play MMO and survival type games and you mentioned you prefer image quality so having a strong static contrast is important so the G27QC is a good option. It has a strong contrast, it's wide gamut so will offer a bit of a saturation boost...
  8. Ryanr1987

    Choosing a gaming monitor

    The same rules of TV's still apply to monitors, IPS poor black levels will be poor regardless of environment but an IPS in a well lit room will be less of a problem in terms of back light interference. IPS are certainly better inherently when it comes to wider viewing angles when it comes to...
  9. Ryanr1987

    what headphones do you own thread - i own dt150's :)

    HE-5XX is more open, lively, but more disjointed. The HD650 is more focused, forward, muted in comparison. Detail is about the same but the HE-5XX takes less focus to pick up those small details. HD650 is more mid bassy so can sound a bit more sluggish while the HE-5XX is very light, quick to...
  10. Ryanr1987

    Should I get an IPS over a led

    Your Choices are IPS, VA, TN. Personally I think IPS and TN panels for the most part are meh but VA panels while they offer superior picture quality don't always have the best dark level response resulting in dark smearing(Minus the G7 to a degree) so pick your poison.
  11. Ryanr1987

    New Alienware Q3 2020

    Been using my AW2721D since just after Xmas. I have days where I want to go back to VA panels missing those deep blacks but overall for an IPS panel, it's a nice overall package. It looks so god damn good on the desk and it's very smooth. The fact I got no dead pixels and on light leakage/bleed...
  12. Ryanr1987

    dac/amp and headphone combo's

    When the HE-5XX came out I found they offered a lot of what the Ananda does at a much cheaper price. The Ananda has a slightly more refined treble than the HE-5XX. The Ananda is an amazing headphone though overall I personally much prefer it to the Focal Clear etc for tonal balance.
  13. Ryanr1987

    what headphones do you own thread - i own dt150's :)

    They're really good. Reading Purrins review I thought they were going to be disappointing and while I do agree with some of his complaints, I ended up finding them a well balanced headphone. They do have a little too much energy in the upper mids but if one is used to the HD650 or even more so...
  14. Ryanr1987

    New monitor

    I prefer the FI27Q when it comes to image quality, it has a smooth panel coating, mine had 1300:1 contrast ratio compared to the 750:1 of the LG panels. The FI27Q is actually an Innolux panel which use a form of In-Plane you get better viewing angles than AHVA In-Plane panels which AUO use. If...
  15. Ryanr1987

    HD650 Repair

    Drop Sennheiser a message, think they can repair at a price but might be cheaper to buy some matched drivers from them, I think they still offer them but you'd need to speak to their spare parts, should be about £50 for a pair. Have you checked the drivers to see if something is physical cutting...
  16. Ryanr1987

    what headphones do you own thread - i own dt150's :)

    edit wrong comment
  17. Ryanr1987

    dac/amp and headphone combo's

    Yeah they sound quite neutralish if a bit bright which always does well for video games I find. Consider the HE-5XX which I personally think is a better headphone than the Sundara especially if one wants to use them for video games as well as music.
  18. Ryanr1987

    dac/amp and headphone combo's

    The newer changes to the Sundara has made them a damn good headphone
  19. Ryanr1987

    dac/amp and headphone combo's

    Consider the HD560S I've been using mine for all around use, they're less forward than the K701 and compared to the DT990 they have more fuller mids so dialog sounds more clear. Bass extension is good too and the don't have the mid bass bloom so sound cleaner. The HE-5XX also make good gaming...
  20. Ryanr1987

    FI27Q-X vs AW21271D - 1440p 240Hz

    The only reason I got rid of it as because of the anti glare coating on the G7 is harsh, it makes the panel appear gritty to me. The AW2721D has a semi gloss coating and makes the image appear smoother, more vibrant due to low hazing. If the G7 had a lighter coating it would be a no brainer to me.