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  1. woofercooker

    £1,000,000 now or £10,000/month for 10 years?

    1 Billion trillion now
  2. woofercooker

    Buying a PS5 from FB Marketplace - Pitfalls?

    Amazon said 1 in stock this morning, when i added to backet it kept saying basket empty, showed 1 in stock for around 15 mins but could not add to basket, ffs, my heart was racing like crazy adrenalin was pumping, been on a massive downer all say since lol!
  3. woofercooker

    Quest 2 accessories - recommendations, reviews etc

    Where can i get a replacement face plate? all the ones i can see just seem to be covers that fit over the stock foam face plate? i want to buy a complete separate one to use when other people use my headset.
  4. woofercooker

    Unreal Engine 5 - unbelievable.

    This is genuinely the closest thing that's come to blowing me away since going i remember playing the PS1 for the first time coming from a snes, Plating tomb raider, tekken and resident evil in 3d blew me away! After the ps1 though every next gen system seemed to be an expected next logical step...
  5. woofercooker

    Building a kick arse VR Flight Sim setup... Help please..

    Would you guy's still recommend a Ryzen 9 5900X / 3080 8 months on? I have a quest 2 and seriously tempted to build something that can play MFS. I see there are some in stock on here for example...
  6. woofercooker

    Spec me a Ryzen 5 5600X based build?

    Hi, i'm looking to upgrade my current rig, can anybody spec me a build based on the 5600x, I always worry i will pick the wrong mobo/ram etc, I need to order, cpu,mobo,ram and psu, Currently have a 1080ti but plan to upgrade to something like a 3080 when prices come down so need a psu that will...
  7. woofercooker

    Rechargeable Batteries

    Can anybody recommend some decent rechargeable batteries and charger to use with quest controllers as i seem to be going through normal batteries at an alarming rate.
  8. woofercooker

    VR Videos play better on Quest 2 than on PC

    Any idea why playing 5k/6k/7k vr videos directly from my pc via link cable and deo vr or even just in my pc in vlc or mpc is sometimes depending on the video choppy/laggy but playing the same videos from the the storage drive on the quest via deo vr built into the quest they play flawlessly, PC...
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    What would make you leave or use the forum less often?

    I don't post much but read posts pretty much everyday, I am amazed that this forum is still going so strong after all these years, pretty much all of the forums i used to use back in the day are dead and everybody has moved to facebook and reddit with facebook being an absolute cesspool. The...
  10. woofercooker

    Cheap Hisense's and HDR?

    I am looking to buy a cheap 55" 4k TV for my main room for a pc monitor and gaming, i hear a lot of people talking about the Hisense TV's as being the best budget TV's at the moment, I am looking at the Roku Inch R55B7120UK 4K available from a major high street shop, From what i have read the...
  11. woofercooker

    Decent USB wifi dongle?

    I took a punt on another ebay one after reading some reviews it was only 6 quid, i ordered it yesterday and it arrived today and OMG i am now getting 8mbs nearly double what i was getting before, youtube videos now load instantly in 1080p even when seeking it seeks instantly like i have the...
  12. woofercooker

    Decent USB wifi dongle?

    I have tried a couple of cheap ones from ebay the best speed i get is 5mbps on speedtest while my iphone gets 6.6mbps. I don't have any free slots for a pci card so needs to be USB.
  13. woofercooker

    The Radeon RX 5700 XT Owners Thread.

    I have that sound card and was considering this GPU as some good deals going, pfft thats ruined that plan.
  14. woofercooker

    HP Reverb G2 uk release date?

    Anybody have any news on the HP Reverb G2 being released in the uk? can't find anything online, they are already taking pre orders in the us. A lot of people are comparing it to the valve index only far cheaper.
  15. woofercooker

    My i7 2600K build is still good 10 years on - What current CPU has best VFM over the next 10 years?

    Similar position here, i7-4790 holding its own like Bernard Hopkins in his 40's, My issue is now i want to go balls deep into vr racing sims, itching to upgrade but feel now isn't the best time with the next gen cp and gp u's not too far away.
  16. woofercooker

    Multiplayer team games

    Thinking about it pretty much this^^
  17. woofercooker

    Multiplayer team games

    Any recommendations for some online multiplayer casual team play games? I just started playing left 4 dead 2 again after a long time and really enjoying it, its a shame there isn't many levels but i like the more casual laid back team game play compared to the super competitiveness you get in...
  18. woofercooker

    What games are you playing over Xmas?

    i started playing the metro series for the first time this past couple of weeks played them all back to back, started with the first 2 redux versions and just finished exodus yesterday evening, Quite possibly the best game i have ever played, a real master piece. never felt so gutted to finish a...
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    PC Gaming and the problem with parity.

    Another reason for me is that there was a time when upgrading a pc would come with significant speed upgrades in other non gaming apps also, even just browsing the web, video editing etc, upgrading from a Pentium 4 to a core 2 duo was huge for me, now you don't even need a powerful pc by todays...
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    ***The High-Res Screenshot Thread!***

    I agree with this, i recently played half life 2 ( for the first time) and was actually impressed with how good it still looked and played. Splinter cell is another game i never played, I missed out on a lot of games from the early to mid 2000's as i stopped gaming around that time for a good...