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  1. MrPils

    G.skill Trident Neo 3800 CL14 issues

    Timings wont degrade an IMC, temperature and voltage can though I guess. You'll be tuning your voltages down from an already safe to use auto setting (1.1v) so there's really no danger there at all, if anything you would be increasing the longevity of your memory controller by reducing current.
  2. MrPils

    5950x ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO ram recomendation

    I have 2 x 16gb G.Skill F4-4000C16D-32GVK working very well here in the Crosshair 8 Impact. I also have massive issues running 2 x 8gb B-Die (Patriot and G.Skill) in the Impact with a 5600x yet it works just great in my Gigabyte X570i with a 3900XT.
  3. MrPils

    RAM temperatures (with testing)

    Temperature at which degradation of timings and speed occurs changes between chips. I would define 48c+ as the zone at which you are risking instability. I would definitely not recommend running high voltage (1.45v+) in combination with those high temperatures as well. Personally I run up to...
  4. MrPils

    G.skill Trident Neo 3800 CL14 issues

    tWTRS 3 is the minimum: possible, small benefit in latency tWTRL 6 is the minimum: doubt you will get this to work, small benefit in latency tRDRD/tWRWR SCL: 2 minimum but unlikely, 3 should be possible. Small benefit in latency. 2 works on B450, 3 on X570. Motherboard memory trace layout...
  5. MrPils

    5800X no OC crashes AIDA64

    You're welcome dude - and yes, very addictive too. There's far more options with memory to get good performance than there are with CPUs these days, it makes a change having things to tinker with. It also seems you have attracted your very own personal troll...I can't help but think that's...
  6. MrPils

    G.skill Trident Neo 3800 CL14 issues

    AGESA patch D is out for Asus with release 3003 that came yesterday - however its no better for fclk, it only adds the SAM slider.
  7. MrPils

    5950x 128 RAM recomendations

    3800mhz is pretty easy, you can even tune the timings a bit. The amount of completely unsupported (and wrong) sweeping statements made on this forum is crazy. The Patriot 2 x 32gb 3600mhz kit sold from here is a good balance of price and performance. If you wanted to do a little more work on...
  8. MrPils

    G.skill Trident Neo 3800 CL14 issues

    No problem. If the dark hero has a 2402 version then try that - you'll get WHEA errors but it will go to 2133 fCLK if your cpu can get there too. The higher you run fclk the more WHEA errors youll get. They start at 3666mhz...
  9. MrPils

    5800X no OC crashes AIDA64

    Yes GDM only works with even numbered CAS Latencies, though you should still be at CL14 anyway so I don't think that will matter much. Youll likely need a combination of looser tRCDRD and GDM enabled to get 3800mhz stable. GDM doesnt make memory half speed, its half way between 1T and 2T...
  10. MrPils

    G.skill Trident Neo 3800 CL14 issues

    Yeah thats made a mess of your fabric clocks - uclk:mclk mode has gone to 1:2 and its fixed your fabric clock at 1800mhz as if you were running the ram at 3600mhz. My single sided sticks (Patriot 4400C19 and G.Skill 4000C15) work fine at 16-16-16-1T, they get less and less reliable as the...
  11. MrPils

    G.skill Trident Neo 3800 CL14 issues

    For AMD when using 2 sticks you always use A2 and B2. RTFM issue there I'm afraid, but its a common gotcha when moving from Intel to AMD :) It still doesn't explain why your 4 stick config wasn't working though - were you trying to run 4 sticks with gear down mode disabled? You'll need to...
  12. MrPils

    5800X no OC crashes AIDA64

    Not surprising regards gear down mode as you're running 32GB. Carry on with GDM enabled and see where you get to, 1T command rate is not worth raising TRRD/TWTR timings for. You can do a quick check when youre done with GDM enabled tuning to see how much of a hit you'd have to take on your...
  13. MrPils

    Patriot Viper 4000MHz on Ryzen 9 X570 timing help

    Yeah sure, just @ me or quote me so it pops up in my alerts :)
  14. MrPils

    Crucial 32gb (2x16gb) cl16 3600 BL2K16G36C16U4B - Single Rank

    Yes but that tells you nothing. Its like testing if 1T command rate is faster than 2T command rate or Gear down mode - well yes of course it is. The real question is does running slower speed at 1T overcome any gain in attainable mhz or timings from using GDM or 2T? I can't really make the point...
  15. MrPils


    Probably more down to cache speed than cpu speed if its copy that's low. Not something we have to deal with on ryzen, but you get the same effect with a low infinity fabric. Raw cpu speed seems to mostly affect the latency but does have a small effect on all bandwidth tests too. I think I...
  16. MrPils

    5800X no OC crashes AIDA64

    Haven't seen a Ryzen 5000 that won't do it yet. Use the method I outlined here to see if you can get there then tweak down your memory timings once its working. You'll get pretty close to where you are now timing wise, if you're lucky your kit will do 14-15-15-13-1T, if not 15-16-16-14-1T is...
  17. MrPils

    Sub timings OC help

    Looks like the timings displayed in bios are 2133mhz defaults and not what the Auto value is actually setting. tRRDS / tRRDL / tFAW are where the largest gain can be had. Set tFAW to 16 then work on reducing tRRDS towards 4. After that work on getting tRRDL down towards 4. tWTRS and tWTRL are...
  18. MrPils

    Recommended RAM for 5600X / ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E / 3060TI

    If you aren't going to manually tune your memory get the cheapest 3600mhz kit you can find - the fact that you are asking this question at all tells me you aren't into memory tuning :) It's never worth buying premium memory if you aren't going to spend a few days manually tuning it, all memory...
  19. MrPils

    Looking for some help please

    Sounds more like the board doesn't have a Ryzen 3000 compatible bios installed. Has it got flashback? If so flash to a bios from around July sometime this year, things were nice and stable then. Avoid the latest bioses, they're for Ryzen 5000 cpus and aren't mature yet. If it's not got bios...
  20. MrPils

    Just any 3600MHz memory?

    Yeah TM5 is my preferred tool for testing a memory overclock. You still need to validate with some 3D testing and a Realbench run afterwards, but so far for me it finds all the things that other apps can miss and quickly too. Don't run it for days, 4 hours is usually more than sufficient. I...