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  1. Hunterlit

    *** Youtube/Video thread ***

    Ahh so I'm not the only one with a guilty pleasure of LPL.
  2. Hunterlit

    LHR Potentially Hacked

    Electricity here as already gone through the roof. Our standing charge has gone from 26 pence per a day to 51 pence:eek: but that's for another tipic. The way Ethereum is mined will soon be changing, so that will then burst that bubble even more. Some new crypto will come along to replace it ...
  3. Hunterlit

    Healthy eating

    There is no such thing 'per se' as "Healthy Eating" you just watch the amount that you are eating. You will not avoid processed foods or sugar as sugar is in just about everything. Natural sugars polyols are inherently better than processed sugars.
  4. Hunterlit

    LHR Potentially Hacked

    If true could effect prices, not that it bothers me anyway as I don't mine crypto.
  5. Hunterlit

    A future proof CPU

    I used to be a bit of an Intel fan, but it is fair to say I've switched over to AMD now. What is your budget?
  6. Hunterlit

    Do you run an AdBlocker?

    YouTube is horrendous, and it isn't just YouTube I feel like I have no choice but to run an adblocker these days. I used another device(no adblocker) and was on YouTube and had a music video suggested to me that I hadn't heard in ages Clicked on video and a 20 /30 second Ad was going to play...
  7. Hunterlit

    Tiling directly onto plaster

    Due to the weight of the tiles, that may be the best option. You may as well use Hardiebacker board and do it properly rather than buying plasterboard.
  8. Hunterlit

    Tiling directly onto plaster

    If the old plaster feels sound go ahead. What sort of tiles will they be?
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    I've done a similar setup (although its an old cottage). There is much better signal around the front of the house, putting the external antenna in the front bedroom and we get a good speed( not great, but far from terrible), however in the loft space directly above I got signal boarding on...
  10. Hunterlit

    Where do you get your Sunday roast from?

    Not had a Sunday roast for a long time. Usually for meat in general the Butcher, can't beat them. The chicken we had for Christmas day was from a local butcher where my mum lives. We tend to use two including the latter), both are superb and no difference in quality from my personal opinion.
  11. Hunterlit

    Is it worth buying DDR5 ram for a pc upgrade, or is it better to use DDR4 until prices drop?

    It will get better, wait awhile and stick with DDR4
  12. Hunterlit

    Remembering 9/11 - 20 years on

    I was only around 10 at the time, I remember coming back from school and seeing my parents watching it on the TV and remember thinking that it was a demolition program and were demolishing tower blocks, however it soon became apparent that wasn't the case. I still remember a clip on the news...
  13. Hunterlit

    Remembering 9/11 - 20 years on

    I don't believe it was a setup, on what purpose? It is entirely plausible that the buildings collapsed. The reason it looked like a controlled demolition is because the structural steel was Compromised and with the weight of the upper floors,etc coming down on top of destroying the lower floors...
  14. Hunterlit

    A few of my recent builds...

    Very nice, the water cooling in picture 2 especially tickles my fancy. I would guess the water cooled rig needs a lot regular maintenance.
  15. Hunterlit

    It's too hot :(

    Was going to start making some cupboard doors outside today until I went outside around about mid-day and found it was on the cold side.
  16. Hunterlit

    Does this sound like some sort of scam on Facebook Marketplace?

    Theres some characters on here:cry::cry::D
  17. Hunterlit

    Build Or Hold Off?

    I'd like that too, no rush for me though as the side panel isn't noticeable on the desk its on. I would just need to motivate myself to open it all back up again:D
  18. Hunterlit

    Does this sound like some sort of scam on Facebook Marketplace?

    It's not just the laptop, it's are the other things in the property worth taking?, Is it a nice estate, are the other properties In the area and would they have valuables inside? Nice cars on the drives, etc. Does the OP live alone, house alarmed, how many locks on the doors?, Etc. Anyway it...
  19. Hunterlit

    Build Or Hold Off?

    Update: the build is complete. Thanks for the advice everyone:) Did encounter a POST issue on the first boot when the PC was fully assembled in the case which filled me with dread. I did also redo some of the cable routes because I thought I could hide them better than I did the first time...
  20. Hunterlit

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Can start my new build now:D