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  1. petedool72

    *** noblechairs White Edition Series ***

    Experience the latest in comfort, style, and functionality with the White Edition Series from noblechairs. Developed and produced exclusively for noblechairs, our High-Tech Vinyl has been designed for users demanding the highest quality in both colour and durability thanks to its vibrant white...
  2. petedool72

    *** New noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set ***

    noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set – The Elder Scrolls Online Edition @ £55.99 inc VAT Memory foam pillow set, The Elder Scrolls Online design, Head and lumbar pillows, Machine washable, Gold embroidery, Ouroboros logo, Plush fabric Only £55.99 inc VAT. ORDER NOW noblechairs Memory...
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    *** noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair - Far Cry 6 Edition ***

    With our high-quality 1.5mm 100% Vegan-Friendly PU Leather in Black as the backdrop, our Far Cry 6 Special Edition Chair Features Solar Yellow highlights and embroidery throughout alongside subtle red stitching to help bring everything together creating a chair that perfectly represents the...
  4. petedool72

    *** New Lian-Li Q58 series Cases ***

    when the eta date expires the system will automatically revert back to Pre-Order.. The container has now been broken down and the Q58s have not arrived, i am trying to confirm. In the mean time i have change the ETA to 29/10 until i get 100% confirmation. sorry for the inconvenience
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    *** New Lian-Li Q58 series Cases ***

    morning, the container with the following cases have landed and are just clearing warehouse process therefore stock should be showing soon.. i will try and confirm
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    *** New BitFenix Prodigy M 2022 + Alchemy Cables ***

    Introducing newest generation of BitFenix Prodigy M 2022 Chassis redefines chassis just like the original Prodigy. The compact and modern chassis with high quality tempered glass is suspended on Reinforce handles to showcase the components. With the support of up to top tier NVIDIA RTX 3090...
  7. petedool72

    *** New Lian-Li Q58 series Cases ***

    Lian-Li are back with a new Mini-ITX Case, the Q58. Part of an extended range, this chassis has an amazing 14.5L capacity, for all your premium gaming hardware. Many aspects of this case have been curated to support detail orientated builds, as well as ease of use. The side panels are hinged...
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    *** New noblechairs EPIC Compact Series ***

    good spot, thank you for that, content team resolving as we speak
  9. petedool72

    *** New noblechairs EPIC Compact Series ***

    Enjoy comfort in even more sizes with the introduction of the EPIC Compact Series from noblechairs. Designed for users between 125 cm (4ft 1in) and 170 cm (5ft 7in) with a weight limit of up to 120 kg (265 lbs), the range of materials and colours makes it the perfect option for people looking...
  10. petedool72

    *** Phanteks AMP Series PSU ***

    Very sorry for the delay, i have only got confirmation.. they have been shipped and should be with us next week
  11. petedool72

    *** New noblechairs TX Series ***

    TX Series to the noblechairs range delivers the ability for users to have even more choice for comfort and breathability. Together with industry experts, we’ve created the TX Series Breathable Fabric, offering high breathability, durability, and a softer overall feel to the entire chair...
  12. petedool72

    *** Phanteks AMP Series PSU ***

    In collaboration with Seasonic, Phanteks AMP Series are high quality 80PLUS Gold Certified power supplies. The fully modular power supplies provide users with clean and great cable management with all black, sleeved and flat ribbon cables. The 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan can be temperature...
  13. petedool72

    *** New Jonsplus BO 100 Cases ***

    BO 100 is a furniture style product that we developed and inspired by high-end audio products. It defined as the support of mainstream hardware products, and for short-distance transportation. Jonsplus BO 100 Mini-ITX Case, Tempered Glass - black @ £169.99 inc VAT Compact Mini-ITX case...
  14. petedool72

    *** New Lian-Li SP750 Power Supply ***

    Looking around early August
  15. petedool72

    *** New Lian-Li SP750 Power Supply ***

    Introducing Lian-Li latest small form factor PSU, the perfect PSU for your SFX build Lian-Li SP750 SFX Modular 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply @ £109.99 inc VAT Arm small builds with the Lian Li SP750 SFX Power Supply and feed your high-end gaming hardware with an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating...
  16. petedool72

    *** Lian-Li O11D Mini Snow Edition ***

    Stock should arrive to our main warehouse this week
  17. petedool72

    ** New Lian-Li Odyssey X Big Tower Cases **

    Designed in collaboration with acclaimed overclocker der8auer, the Odyssey X is a high-quality PC case that can be configured in one of three ways to match your own preference Lian Li Odyssey X Big Tower - black @ £394.99 inc VAT Transformable PC, Three configurations, Designed with...
  18. petedool72

    *** Lian-Li O11D Mini Snow Edition ***

    we are still expecting container to dock in the uk around the 12/6 so yes still happy with the 23rd
  19. petedool72

    *** New SSUPD Brand - Meshlicious chassis ***

    Ssupd stands for Sunny Side Up and is focused on the builder’s experience and emotion of using PC hardware and accessories to create and play. The lead designer and founder majored in architecture and has worked for Lian Li as a lead designer for years. As a leader, Ssu knows the importance of...