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  1. esoteric

    Too Old ? ?

    I've been thinking about learning to ride a motorbike since 2016. I'm 38 now.
  2. esoteric

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    First film I remember was Jurrassic Park. I was either 8 or recently turned 9.
  3. esoteric

    does anyone use an app to remind them to drink?

    I have a bottle like that. I don't really try to stick to the timings on the bottle exactly but I will finish the bottle before refill time.
  4. esoteric

    *** The Car Cleaning Thread ***

    Came close to needing to wash an old boy and his e-scooter off my car. He wanted to go straight over the roundabout and he entered on the inside and cut to the left lane right at the exit.
  5. esoteric

    Who was your teenage crush?

    Who wasn't a crush for a teenage boy.. but two of the best Kelly Bundy - Christina Applegate Kelly Kapowski - Tiffani Thiessen
  6. esoteric

    *** Steam Sale - confirmed by Valve****

    Waiting for the CDKeys Xmas sale.
  7. esoteric

    Which supermarket do you use for your weekly food shop (online delivery)?

    My general shop is with ASDA, if I fancy having a salad then I'll go to Morrisons instead because they have an excellent deli counter and they're Best Range Coleslaw.. is the best
  8. esoteric

    How many of your non-essential purchases are bought on credit?

    Always used debit. Never needed a credit card but I did take an ASDA one I had for a few years before it was discontinued. I do my big shop there and get my petrol too and earned cashback. I paid it all off monthly to avoid interest. So because it was discontinued I'm purely debit again, though...
  9. esoteric

    Cowboy Bebop (Netflix)

    I just finished it. Overall I thought it was pretty good and captured the atmosphere of the anime pretty well. I've not looked around for any reviews but I did listen to this one Youtube vid hating on it, and if someone is hating on for a legimite gripe then fair enough but this YT vid critized...
  10. esoteric

    If Greggs Ran Out Of Sausage Rolls?

    If Greggs ran out of sausage rolls then might as well close the shop for the day.
  11. esoteric

    What PC games are you playing?

    New Simulator Queuing World. I've nearly beat it though I'm at 1641.
  12. esoteric

    New World MMO

    New World is a worse launch than Aion and that's an impressive achievement.
  13. esoteric

    3080 FE Thermal Pad change: Mem Temps still 100c!! Help!

    I remember when I modded my 6800 Ultra with the at the time popular Arctic Cooler NV Silencer 5 Rev.2 and one of the screws snapped around the die. It was Xmas day and my heart sank and I had to leave it like it but at a later time I replaced it with the Zalman VF700. Have not modded a card since.
  14. esoteric

    Do you religiously stick to the same toilet roll brand?

    ASDA Shades does me. 24 rolls for 7 squid.
  15. esoteric


    I'm tempted to update my BIOS, I'm still using 2.1 the ABBA version. Little unsure about 4.6C being a beta patch.
  16. esoteric


    How's everyones x570 Taichi's holding up? I've had mine since release and back in May when I got my 3080 and my BIOS got amnesia so had to redo some stuff like XMP and fan curves, that goofy fan on the southbridge which I basically had turned off since day one, I decided to increase it until it...
  17. esoteric

    The Brand New Animated Image Thread

    This is correct.
  18. esoteric

    Do you like the smell of cigarettes/cigars?

    No to all of them.
  19. esoteric

    Your first posts as long term members

    Can't find anything older than 2019 on mine.
  20. esoteric

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    3070 ti also just dropped.