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  1. Slinwagh

    FAO: Police officers, or those with knowledge of the law

    Have you any idea how many laws there are!?
  2. Slinwagh

    The Next Time You Eat Chicken

    You can see visible hock burns on supermarket battery farmed chicken, unless of course they cut the legs back so far as to mask the problem.
  3. Slinwagh

    The Next Time You Eat Chicken

    I would be more concerned eating battery farmed chicken as that lives in it's own excrement for 39 days.
  4. Slinwagh

    Spec Me An M&S Meal

    Just buy something you both like, it really is that simple. :rolleyes:
  5. Slinwagh

    Icelanders are not terrorists!

    I believe Anti Terrorist laws were used to stop Icelandic organisations withdrawing money in order for the Government to safeguard UK depositors.
  6. Slinwagh

    The simple things that make you happy...

    The piece and quiet that comes with sitting on my own toilet.
  7. Slinwagh

    Windows Home Server

    I am just about to start again !!!
  8. Slinwagh

    Windows Home Server

    Where does WHS keep the client backups? I think I will just copy all the data of the WHS on a PC, install WHS from scratch then dump all the data back etc.
  9. Slinwagh

    Will Sarah Palin be the undoing of John McCain?

    She seems to be supporting the economy very well at the moment, she has spent $150,000 on clothes. After all she is "just one of you" and a "Hockey Mom" I would like to say I am surprised by yet more political hypocrisy but I think we...
  10. Slinwagh

    Police undercount violent crime

    The simple fact of the matter is that the Police have targets to meet, set by the Government. Along with that Police are expected to operate in such a manner that hinders Policing. The majority of the blame here lies with the Government.
  11. Slinwagh

    Windows Home Server

    I could reinstall it but last night I stuck 300 gig of DVD backups on it!
  12. Slinwagh

    Windows Home Server

    I have just been reading about WHS and HDD's. Is there an easy way to resolve this now before I dump any more data on it? Could I not just add another 1TB drive?
  13. Slinwagh

    Windows Home Server

    Well I have my WHS up and running now, so far so good. One thing that puzzles me is how the storage is working. I have 3 disks in the machine, the OS is installed on a 250Gb which was automatically partitioned as c: and d: There are two more 500Gb drives in the server, these show up in the...
  14. Slinwagh

    Are Aliens evolved humans?

    But you felt the need to participate in it!
  15. Slinwagh

    Are Aliens evolved humans?

    Who is to say that "we" did not evolve from "aliens" There are a lot of respected scientists who think that a meteor may have carried the first building blocks of life to our planet.
  16. Slinwagh

    Windows Homer Server download.

    I can't seem to find it, just the offer the post dsks to the US or Canada.
  17. Slinwagh

    Windows Homer Server download.

    I have a copy on order but I didn't choose next day delivery.
  18. Slinwagh

    Windows Homer Server download.

    Is there a downloadable trial available for WHS, there is a DVD you can order from Microsoft but that appears to be for the US and Canada only.
  19. Slinwagh

    Thunderbirds are Go!

    Just go the whole way and build all the vehicles from Thunderbirds, you know it makes sense.
  20. Slinwagh

    True Guilt...Felt it?

    How much was the bill for the lube?