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    I thought season 3 was pretty poor (and they really should have concluded it in 1 season, maybe 2) but I am semi excited based on that trailer.
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    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    I've recently started paying for a remote coach. He sends me my weekly routine on a Monday which is normally slightly varied from week to week (with the goal of improving 1rm) and studies all my lifts (which I film) on a Sunday. So not every week is just grinding out the heaviest 5x5 I can...
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    *** The official iPhone 13 (mini/pro/max) thread (The Pro Max has 120 Hz and everything!) ***

    I can never import any videos from my iphone to my PC (pro res or not), it always hangs during. I've been using snap drop instead.
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    Moon Knight (Marvel TV series)

    I'm really enjoying this. It feels very different to most things Marvel.
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    From (TV Series)

    I actually enjoyed this all the way through. I hope we get a second series. Knowing that it's by the same writers as lost means that ultimately there will probably be no pay off though.
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    Wireless mice, worth the hype or extra faff?

    I went from a G502 to G502 lightspeed. I was getting sick of the cable snagging and it was frayed to the point I could see inside the cable. It's exactly the same as the wired but wireless, no latency. Battery life last for a very long time and to charge it I just plug it into a USB. It was...
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    Agreed. This is the best TV show in a while for me. Brilliant final episode. Can't wait for Series 2 although I kind of wish it was a 1 series deal as I can see them trying to make it go on for longer than it should.
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    Lost Ark EU - !!

    Fair enough, that's not too bad. I don't have any experience getting to that level. I was just basing it on what I had read.
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    Lost Ark EU - !!

    How many hours a day to get there in 2 weeks? I have absolutely no problem with the game being pay 2 win. There is more than enough for f2p players to do.
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    Orange flashing when on FIFA on ps5

    I haven't played Fifa since release but I too would get flashes. It was very annoying.
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    Lost Ark EU - !!

    It seems getting to the breakpoint of 1370 is basically an insane grind or you pay for it. I'm not worried tbh, my aim is really just to get my main and maybe a couple of alts to tier 3 then just play again once a catch up mechanic and new content is released. I'd have more than got my moneys...
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    Lost Ark EU - !!

    Only just hit Tier 2 (840). Still enjoying it but just don't really have time to play at the moment. I'm lucky if I have time to get my chaos dungeons completed at the moment so it's slow going!
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    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    For clarity, I was saying I'm not sure how right the advice I proceeded to give was, not the advice you were giving. Your advice is always spot on!
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    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    I like the idea of pre workout but I can't train till 6 in the evening so I'd be worried I won't sleep. Normally just have a Monster Energy an hour beforehand, I'm not convinced it does anything, just placebo. Many years ago I took the now banned Jack3d before a workout. I'm not convinced it...
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    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    Awesome transformation! Good job.
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    Energy Suppliers (strictly no referrals)

    My smart meter is still not working and British Gas won't fix it. It's only tracking Gas. I have been giving meter readings but British Gas would only let me raise my DD from £55 to £65 per month. My gas is tracking at about £25-£30 a month but I'm really worried about an astronomical bill...
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    Apple Watch and Diabetes Blood Glucose Sensors

    Oh that's good news! I had an initial appointment for a pump and I was going to go for Omnipod (as without dexcom and control IQ the T-slim with the tubing didn't seem worth it). They wouldn't give me a Dexcom as I am not Hypo-Unaware (thankfully). If they start prescribing Dexcom I may go...
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    Apple Watch and Diabetes Blood Glucose Sensors

    So this is slightly different to what you were asking but there is a new app called "Suggah" on the app store. It's an exact copy of xdrip4ios. It basically turns the Libre 2 into a full blown CGM. With it you can create a calendar in which the app pushes your current BG to (which you can...
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    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    Thanks a lot for the tips! It's much appreciated.
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    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    Managed another pb on Saturday: 140kg squat (@70kg): Looking at that I'm probably about an inch or so from depth and have some mobility issues which I need to work on but happy enough with it. The day after I came down with a savage bug (the joys of having kids). Had 2 full days of eating...