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  1. ihuyo

    Do you save money every month?

    Basically save the few-several hundred I feel which is around partly whatever I guess is more than enough to offset any bad spending, disappointing investments etc.
  2. ihuyo

    Would you shorten your life by ten years so you could relive your favourite year?

    No, I would not trade 10 years of potentially fantastic future technological etc progress/luxury for 1 year of limited retro fun. I don't have a fav year anyway.
  3. ihuyo

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    "But isn't Hitler making the Soviet pact and invading peeps only because French et al banks have either blacklisted him or want waaay too many fees?"
  4. ihuyo

    In 1939 Germany invaded Poland and .....

    I agree but they would surely take it to a destructive extreme, i.e. cowardice hindering helping in genuinely good causes, probably to the point of crazily spinning down/whatever almost everything, except the ones that can't be avoided, but even then they'd be ever at work to weaken/repeal...
  5. ihuyo

    Meta > Facebook...

    4 piddly feet ain't gonna stop my dick.
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    AMD confirms Ryzen 7 5800X3D launches this spring, Zen4 Raphael in 2H 2022

    Sorry for the late response. I'm looking for 8-12 proper cores, based on current performance of chips and several things I'd want to do with a new system, while considering "future proofing" (yes, I know..) with DDR5 and what else such new "platforms" bring. Intel is currently best for me, but...
  7. ihuyo

    AMD confirms Ryzen 7 5800X3D launches this spring, Zen4 Raphael in 2H 2022

    ^ Or in other words, they can get away with scrimping on amount of cores - recalling their pathetic history with that, let alone in combo with current problems. They came up something I consider decent for the times and as a stopgap of sorts with DDR4 still. When I move to DDR5 in a few years...
  8. ihuyo

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    So, in this thread, multiple Europeans (yes, even Brits, and yes, even after Brexit) are speaking of the US in relation to a European conflict, and they are not only failing to immediately and consistently condemn the idea of direct US military involvement, but actually seem disappointed that...
  9. ihuyo

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    The EVGA that's a bit more and longer...I really don't want that in my TJ08-E, and I really don't want to be an ebay seller in these times. The $480/£350 one I'd go for. But my dislike for Nvidia & AMD has me looking towards Intel, even tho that's a bit like looking towards Stalin over Hitler &...
  10. ihuyo

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    Welp, didn't get a new GPU from the dude who comes down my chimney and calls me a ho. My resolution is to continue in trying not to be a mug, absolutely regardless of being able to sell my 1070. Telegram is lottery odds in my situation, ditto for local; tho I did sign up for an EVGA queue for...
  11. ihuyo

    Police incompetence when dealing with sex gangs.

    ^ Possible grounds for treason/sectioning/special-relationship envoy. If the current "government" could somehow manage to be even remotely competent enough to arrange for such, we should choose a country that is generally better, not worse. For example, Germany's police are much more competent...
  12. ihuyo

    Are We Watching The Fall of America?

    Trump said he'd complete the border wall within his first term, yet it's been 5 years and not even 1/100th is done, despite millions privately donated (on top of vast gov money) to Trump for it - so why did he lie? Trump also had higher illegal immigration than Obama, despite Trump promising to...
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    *** Youtube/Video thread ***

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    Alder Lake-S leaks

    Taking matters further might be in order. Here's a tip: put 4K8KWTF in the boot of your car, and all along the way his spicy scent will be your reward! ..Or maybe settle for a disguised geode reference, amongst serious, highly technical talk. Anywho, might possibly go either a "slashed" 5600X...
  15. ihuyo

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    ^ Yep. I'm with a 1070 and have absolutely no intention/hope of upgrading until well into next year at the earliest, but it wouldn't surprise me if I wait longer. I usually wait 3+ years to get a console for some exclusives, so not bothered there yet either. I'll just stick to playing my...
  16. ihuyo

    The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump

    So they're turning on their Dungeon Masters.
  17. ihuyo

    Tory MP Sir David Amess murdered

    RIP All hail William, Bishop of Orange-ade!
  18. ihuyo

    The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump

    Would Obama be against an NHS-style system? Hmmm. IIRC, Obama agreed early on with "big pharma" to drop the option of universal healthcare in order to secure their support of Obamacare. He didn't put up much fight for it publicly anyway. If the Dems had somehow passed it to his desk, I'm not...
  19. ihuyo

    Elder Scrolls VI Announced!

    Was just wondering about this. Thinking Bethesda might possibly improve in areas I prefer, like certain aspects of quest design. Some caveats.. GTA San Andreas Oblivion was my first "RPG". Nowadays I don't rate it or Skyrim as RPGs much because they both have very restrictive, unimaginative...