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  1. Mr_T

    Housing crisis solutions

    This sounds just like a post I made back in 2007: I took option 3 - OP, you are dead right on all accounts the system is *****d, short of some inheritance to get you in to something you are destined to either be a renter - or on...
  2. Mr_T

    Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080XD Plasma (2007) v LG HDR 4K LCD

    I had an older 50" Panasonic Plasma (2009), and I have recently been looking at replacements... I looked at the Samsungs (9000 Series) & LG OLED E6. After much deliberation I ended up buying a 2nd hand low hour Panasonic 65" VT60 Plasma, and I couldn't be happier. No LCD has ever held up to the...
  3. Mr_T

    LCD vs OLED - Tear Down of an OLED TV

    Interesting video of a complete disassemble of both LED/LCD TV & OLED
  4. Mr_T

    Any Brits moved to Aus?

    Nope, no bears in Canada at all ;)
  5. Mr_T

    Thorium alternative fuel source

    I've heard that Thorium reactors are not commercially viable... how much of that is propagated by the current nuclear lobby is up for debate.,4919
  6. Mr_T

    Best man speech jokes. Help GD!

    Great contribution to the thread I'm sure the Op is pleased you're here. Maybe it's because you've never been a best man.
  7. Mr_T

    Best man speech jokes. Help GD!

    One that I wrote but didn't have the guts to say at my best man speech "Now as you all know Samantha is a girl with expensive tastes, thankfully Matt could supply her with many a perl necklass" I chickened out as her gran was sat right in front of me.
  8. Mr_T

    Australia travel advice

    Look, each to their own, if you need time away from the UK for personal reasons and your primary goal is as you say to chill with friends, then you're doing the right thing. For the record Business Class is awesome, which airline are you flying with?
  9. Mr_T

    Australia travel advice

    Check the opening post - Business class
  10. Mr_T

    Australia travel advice

    Out of interest, have you spent more on your flights for 48 hours than your budget for 3 months? If that sounds like a loaded question, it's because it is ;-)
  11. Mr_T

    Australia travel advice

    I think you'll struggle to be honest, especially if you want to include a trip to another city. If you were just hanging around Perth you would probably be ok, because I assume you won't need to pay for any accommodation whilst in Perth. From your list of things, I would say skip Perth...
  12. Mr_T

    Australia travel advice

    It's probably easier if you say what your budget is, then I can give you a reasonable idea of what you could do on it. Also indicate if you are dead set on certain experiences, such as swimming with Whale Sharks? The fact you can stay with friends whilst in Perth will help a lot! As a rough...
  13. Mr_T

    Australia travel advice

    Some things to do around Perth: * Cycle, Perth has some fantastic cycle paths all through the city, it's the best way to see the place imo * Rottnest hire a bike & snorkle, just don't miss the ferry back ;-) * If you already have your dive qualifications or want to get them - diving with...
  14. Mr_T

    CCNA advice?

    I did my CCNA in 2003 as a year long after hours college course - best piece of advice I can give you is... Only do it if you're going to work with Cisco equipment / Cisco iOS on a regular basis. If you're not going to in your current role stick to the CCENT which is the first two modules of the...
  15. Mr_T

    No wonder car sales people STILL have a bad rep.

    Ahhh car salesmen, I worked for a North East car supermarket for 3 years (not in a sales role). It was a real eye opener, as kwerk said there are tactics that can help you, the place I worked for example ran on a standard calendar month for meeting sales targets. Approach them a week before...
  16. Mr_T

    Gina Rinehart calls for Australian wage cut

    My experience of mining in Australia 1. It's unbelievably safe, the mining companies take health and safety very seriously and it influences all their decisions 2. The wages aren't as high as first perceived, when you work on a site you'll be doing 12 hour days for your shift pattern...
  17. Mr_T

    is it time for a political revoloution, or a rule change.

    +1 This needs to happen - the people need to regain control of their country and its policies. If Greece does pullout of the Euro it is said that it will go through a horrid time, this may be so, however in the long run Greece will come out of this a stronger and better country. The too...
  18. Mr_T

    ** Apple Media Event - March 7th **

    If you want to use the new iPad for facetime or Skype then it's an epic fail yet again from apple. The front facing Camera is still VGA (640x480), it really annoys me that they sell the new rear facing camera as great for facetime... well it is as long as you don't want to "face" them. So...
  19. Mr_T

    Anybody dived barrier reef?

    How about you get a clue! Any good dive school (of which prodive cairns is one btw) tell you not to touch anything when diving. Some cheesey line like "take only pictures and leave only bubbles" Diving is a fantastic activity and it tends to be the people who have done a course that have more...