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  1. Jumpingmedic

    Ninjas save student being beaten by muggers.

    the other ninjas were called del boy and rodney!
  2. Jumpingmedic

    is this okay?!?? - letter to our flat in uni halls (re:substances)

    Seems a pretty reasonable letter to me... it states that there have been reports of this, but doesn't actually accuse you of it, and clarifies the situation and potential consequences if it turns out to be true.
  3. Jumpingmedic

    Am i right to be concerned?

    It's Zack, the llama! :D
  4. Jumpingmedic

    Am i right to be concerned?

    He sounds quite a lot like myself from what you describe, and I'm currently in full time residential therapy for it. Obviously I can't diagnose him, but it does seem quite like the same thing I have; borderline personality disorder.
  5. Jumpingmedic

    Games 'permit' virtual war crimes

    To be honest this is nothing... do you have any idea how many zoning and planning application laws Tetris contravenes?
  6. Jumpingmedic

    Patient trapped in a 23-year 'coma' was conscious all along

    If ever there was an argument for writing a living will... this is it.
  7. Jumpingmedic

    Good news all round . . .

    Not after she went in front of the beak. But seriously, enough of the fowl mouth jokes.
  8. Jumpingmedic

    Problem with bluetooth between my ipod touch and my phone

    Sigh, that's irritating. Despite quite a lot of research into it that's a missing feature I didn't pick up on. I just wanted to be able to transfer photos/mp3s or whatever between the two things. There are other ways of doing it, but it'll be more complicated. Oh well, thanks for the reply :)
  9. Jumpingmedic

    Problem with bluetooth between my ipod touch and my phone

    I recently bought a new phone and an ipod touch. The two things where meant to compliment each other and for this I was relying on bluetooth as a means of transmission. Unfortunately My phone is able to to detect my ipod, but it won't establish a connection with it. The ipod can't even detect my...
  10. Jumpingmedic

    Thinking of getting a cat, some advice?

    I suppose statistically indoor cats live longer since they're exposed to fewer dangers: disease, foxes, cars etc. But all three of my cats have lived to 18 years plus, one's still going, and they have always had outdoor access. Some breeds of cat are more suited to indoor life, or require it...
  11. Jumpingmedic

    Who hates the Union Flag?

    I like our flag. It is by it's nature a symbol of unity between the various factions of our region. Even if that unity is falling apart now I still respect the thoughts that inspired it. It's worth remebering, and I'd be depressed if we ever devolved to the individual flags. We're a small...
  12. Jumpingmedic

    Shotgun Licence.

    You need to make them "THINK" you're taking this seriously and not simply after a shotgun for shooting people? *Quickly dials 999*
  13. Jumpingmedic

    Very loud computer coming from outside my back garden.

    lol, that was my first thought upon reading the OP :D
  14. Jumpingmedic

    How do i get a small bit of water out of my bath?

    I look forward to the upcoming book "101 ways to get a bit of water out of the bath"
  15. Jumpingmedic

    What's your misery song?

    Mad World - Gary Jules
  16. Jumpingmedic

    Bill Gates has a hurricane stopping device...

    Well windows already has the power to make any computer freeze, maybe it works with water too.
  17. Jumpingmedic

    Any concoction to help me sleep.

    Making sure they arn't codein and paracetamol based.... too many of those and you'll not wake up... unless you know what you're doing ;)
  18. Jumpingmedic

    Any concoction to help me sleep.

    Im in the same boat. Gotta be up to make a full English breakfast for 30 people at 7:30. To much on my mind to sleep. I'll never wake up in time if I sleep now anyway so I've decided to power through! I'm taking the coffee intrevenously at this point. :eek:
  19. Jumpingmedic

    how long for alcohol to leave your system ?

    don't confuse pints with drinks. a drink generally means 1 unit; ie a shot of vodka. a pint (of beer/lager) is usually 2 units maybe 2.5. the general rule is 1 hour per unit, but add 2 extra hours to be safe. serious alkies can do 3-4 units an hour... but if that applies to you then you...
  20. Jumpingmedic

    new pc too big for bedroom

    Pics required... It's hard to believe any non NASA-spec PC can't fit into a room when a shuttle (not a NASA one :p) once could. It must be like a game of Tetris in your room if that's the case. Selling your PC seems from the face of it a rather extreme choice. If you can post a pic or two...