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  1. nomad

    It appears the lug is stuck...

    lol, what a chump.
  2. nomad

    Selling car by putting it on dealer forecourt

    On the whole thats true, but some people have had surprisingly good results. Not something I would do, but then I keep cars either forever or until they are worthless lol
  3. nomad

    Kentucky Fried Rat

    lol at a foot long as feel. thats not a big rat by any streach
  4. nomad

    Your car history

    nope, nor could I. I remember the R8 being the best on the list thou lol
  5. nomad

    Your car history

    Astra Mk1 1.3S 1972 Ford Cortina mk3 1.3 Pug 106 1.5d :( Golf Driver mk2 1990 Fiesta xr2i white 1990 Fiesta xr2i grey 1989 Escort RS Turbo, black 1992 Toyota MR2 1988 Fiesta xr2 red 1990 Fiesta Xr2i black 1991 Fiesta RS turbo 1988 Fiesta xr2 silver 1988 fiesta xr2 blue 1990 Escort RS turbo...
  6. nomad

    Neighbour keeping the kids up all night, partying & drugs

    your solution is simple, dont pay your rent for 3 months and use the money to move out.
  7. nomad

    Recycling Oil touched equipment

    i have about 10 old oil bottles to take to the dump :( boo
  8. nomad

    Does anyone else hate going to the barbers?

    used to hate it until i found a girl who can actually cut my hair how I want it cut. I still don't like going as such, but now its more cos I cant be bothered! edit, I just read about tipping, I always do myself, but I certainly don't feel I have to. My cut costs £26, I just hand over £30.
  9. nomad

    Lucky Charms in UK

    my family deli sells them for about 6.50 a box. sure i could start mailordering them lol
  10. nomad

    Latest mod - a must for other BMW owners

    not sure why he is getting grief for it tbh! helped me out!
  11. nomad

    Latest mod - a must for other BMW owners

    nice one, will look good in the e30 i think, whe i get to the stage of refitting the interior!
  12. nomad

    Latest mod - a must for other BMW owners

    can I be a pain and ask for the part number? is the top of your gearstick slotted? so the knob kinda clips in? Just thinking for my e30 is all, looks good!
  13. nomad

    Latest mod - a must for other BMW owners

    pic from above? Is your car 6 speed or 5? And does it just push on or are the newer BMWs screw on?
  14. nomad

    sorry tyre question Toyo Proxes T1-R

    for the money i agree, i have them on the A4 at the mo, only a little worse than the eagles that were on it before tbh
  15. nomad

    RIP Mondeo

    5 years is a long time for a belt on a zetec tbh, that said i would have done the tensioner as a matter of course when doing the belt. Not worth fixing I imagine, unless the car is some kind of minter. i wouldn't hold out much hope with Ford, took Focus ST in to try and get a couple of bits of...
  16. nomad

    sorry tyre question Toyo Proxes T1-R

    They are ok, contary to whats said above somewhere, I think they are fairly good on track. I have a set on my Fiesta track toy, they do get rather shredded on the front but then so did the Yokos on there before. I tend to kill a pair of front tyres over 2 trackdays anyway. Slicks next I think :)
  17. nomad

    Rhys murderer stabs Mizen killer.

    Battle Royale? ;)
  18. nomad

    Kitchen knives - is mine broken (pictures included)?

    good site, now i know where to point my mum for the xmas list lol
  19. nomad

    Haha, 'fess up, who applied?

    I can't believe we can't use it just to get high and sit about playing xbox and eating pizza. After all it seems to be fine to getting drunk and walk down my road at 1 in the morning shouting and singing.
  20. nomad

    Wanchai Ferry

    i'll have to fetch one up to try.