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  1. Holst1981

    Going from 2x8 to 4x8, any issues with this?

    You may need to tweak the timings and voltages to keep it stable. I added an extra 16gb to my 5950x and b450 system and had to spend some time to get it to run at 3600 and I had to drop the timings from c14 down to c16.
  2. Holst1981

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    We switched to avro a few weeks before they went bust. We have been transferred to octopus but they can't bill us as they are waiting for avro. Not paid a bill in months. Sending regular meter readings to octopus but yet to receive a price or bill. Slightly worried we are going to get a...
  3. Holst1981

    Career has been a constant struggle

    I can totally relate to this. I was working in a specific industry and although I enjoyed some parts of the job the stress and poor work life balance eventually led to depression. Some industries are much worse than others and it took several job changes for me to figure out that I worked in an...
  4. Holst1981

    Is 16GB of Vram The Standard For High End Graphic Cards?

    I've yet to have a problem with 8gb on my old v56 or with 12gb on the new 3080ti. I'm at 1440p and I don't care if I'm at ultra or Max graphics settings. I think it will be a long time before I have to drop to medium on many games. The real difference in graphics quality between 8gb and 16...
  5. Holst1981

    Extreme E

    I watched a couple but didn't continue watching. I found the coverage hard work. Lot's of talk and not enough information. They seemed to be very wary of damaging the cars and it felt like a short endurance race quite often. I might try again this year. When the drivers could push the cars...
  6. Holst1981

    Motorsport Off Topic Thread

    I would be terrible at creating them myself and I will miss them in 2022. I find your opening post information very helpful and I usually read it before the race. Thanks for all your efforts over the years, much appreciated.
  7. Holst1981


    Is the correct voltage set for the ram? On my MSI board I have to set the ram voltage manually.
  8. Holst1981

    CPU upgrade just for gaming?

    I upgraded from 3600 to a 5950x Some games went from 150 to 200fps but any GPU limited games were pretty much unchanged. Performance in Adobe is much better I'm at 1440p with a 3080ti
  9. Holst1981

    Hosting a refugee(s) from the Ukraine war/crisis.

    I can't offer any advice but we are also in a position to host and would be happy to help but don't know how to offer.
  10. Holst1981

    Lucky or mistake

    There may be FE 4000 series but the prices may be much closer to the AIB cards. Impossible to predict
  11. Holst1981

    Do you play games that melt your system? State your GPU and temps for the whole system.

    I had temps like this on my 3600 with the stock cooler. Changed to a nd15 massive cooler and it barely broke 65 degrees with the fan running slow. The worst contributor to temperature for me is my 3080ti Fe. The blower cooler adds lots of hot air to the case and I had to increase case fan...
  12. Holst1981

    3080 TI PSU

    I'm running the exact seasonic 750watt PSU with a 3080ti Fe and a 5950x. No issues at all for me although I never max out the GPU and CPU at the same time.
  13. Holst1981

    Upgrade Advice - Asus X99-A with i7-5820K

    I would definitely recommend overclocking. You should get more than 10% boost from even a mild overclock. My 5820k wasn't a great sample and clocked from 3.3 up to 4.2, you may get 4.5 if your chip is good. My x99 board died and I replaced it with a 3600. That was a nice upgrade but nothing...
  14. Holst1981

    Is this going to be our generations 1970s

    I would be happy with the 1970's than a repeat of the 1940's.
  15. Holst1981

    B450 5950x + 4 ram sticks.... Advice required

    These 8pack sticks are supposed to be identical. I think it's the IMC on the CPU combined with the b450 motherboard.
  16. Holst1981

    B450 5950x + 4 ram sticks.... Advice required

    This is the frustrating part It crashed at 16,16,16,16,36 Now I'm back down to 16,19,19,19,39. I don't care that much about the few % I'm losing in performance. Memory tuning takes ages and it'd hard to tell exactly when it's completely stable. I will run memtest overnight at these settings...
  17. Holst1981

    B450 5950x + 4 ram sticks.... Advice required

    SOC voltage and xmp is confusing. With xmp on soc was at 1.2v Xmp off and it drops back to 1.1v and I didn't notice. So I'm now running 3600 16 16 16 16 36 gear down with 1.5v and 1.2 SOC. Seems stable so far. Thanks again for all the help, this would have been much more frustrating without...
  18. Holst1981

    B450 5950x + 4 ram sticks.... Advice required

    So 3600 16,18,18,18,36 crashed But 3600 16,19,19,19,36 was ok with a quick timespy run. Voltage was at 1.4, so I'll increase it to 1.45 and try again with the lower timings. I'll also try lower SOC voltage. Edit - 3600 16 18 18 18 36 was ok at 1.45v Running a stress test to double check...
  19. Holst1981

    B450 5950x + 4 ram sticks.... Advice required

    It does have memory try it. I'm going to try 3600 at the worst timings (c18) and try lowering them if 3600 slow is stable. That's s good suggestion for people like me who don't normally bother with this stuff.
  20. Holst1981

    B450 5950x + 4 ram sticks.... Advice required

    I think all 8gb B-die are single rank, but ocuk site does not say anything. I think my previous crashes were due to running 1T timing, resetting the BIOS would have put it into gear down as the auto setting.