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  1. Shadowness

    Ramen question

    I always assumed Ramen (to the restaurant) was just an assemble affair. Apart from cooking the noodles, it's just a case of pouring in the broth, adding the egg (already pre-boiled), meat and other bits and bobs. Not taking away that Ramen is one of my favourite dishes, but I thought all the...
  2. Shadowness

    The Indoor Riding/ Zwift/ TrainerRoad etc. Thread

    Don't read into that too much. I've been over 100W avg more than people finishing around the same place as me. I must ride very inefficiently, or just out on the front too much rather than in the group.
  3. Shadowness

    What film did you watch last night?

    Moonfall Literally WTF! I thought from reading the premise, this was going to be a Depp Impact/Armageddon vibe film, how wrong I was!! Laughable acting. Terrible CGI. A plot which was all over the place. Particularly loved bit where they 'just' launched the rocket with a handful of people. I...
  4. Shadowness

    Driving is dead :(

    No issue with the latter as we're perfectly entitled to be there :p However, the amount of people I undertake on a motorway drive is getting ridiculous. At times I'm literally the only person in lane 1, and there's nothing in lane 1 for miles ahead.
  5. Shadowness

    Mobile phone cameras vs compact digital camera

    Depends what you want to use the photos for. For many a smartphone these days will do, but for any 'serious' photography, even a point and shoot will easily out perform a smartphone.
  6. Shadowness

    The End of Boris

    .....and those who personally benefit from Tory policies ie the rich
  7. Shadowness

    What wearable do you use to track your health/fitness/workouts?

    Considering how inaccurate OHR reading can be, I would never get a Whoop or any tracker solely based on OHR. It could massively under read an activity and say I'm more rested than I actually am, or opposite. I never do any activity without a proper chest HRM, but interested to hear how people...
  8. Shadowness

    What wearable do you use to track your health/fitness/workouts?

    What wearable do you use? (Brand/model) Garmin Fenix 6 Pro What do you use it for? (workouts, health monitoring, sleep tracking, nav when hiking, etc) As a watch, so tracking everything pretty much. But also Ironman training, so swimming (open water and pool), running and cycling. What do...
  9. Shadowness

    Platypus' Beginners Guide to Running

    Cheers. Technically it's my first marathon at an official event. I've run a few in my own training. The main thing I took away from that is that I need to run that, after cycling 112 miles and swimming 2.4 miles!! No way I'd run at that pace though, hoping for nearer 3:30 finish for that. Yes...
  10. Shadowness

    Platypus' Beginners Guide to Running

    Anyone else run the Brighton Marathon yesterday? Managed a 2:50:53. My only goal was to run sub 3, not too bad my my first ever (event) marathon.
  11. Shadowness

    Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    I never made it to the end, I'll give it another go. I just get fed up with the 'unstoppable force/immovable object' fight scenes where nobody wins, nobody gets injured.
  12. Shadowness

    petrol stations chaos

    Yep. Diesel was 180.9 yesterday, it's 187.9 today at a garage I drive past. Luckily I don't own a dirty diesel :p
  13. Shadowness

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    Fake news? He probably did it perfectly fine, but editing the video down to make him look like an idiot by shortening it to 2 seconds and spread it on twitter is easy to do.
  14. Shadowness

    Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    Just to see what all the fuss is about. Some people had said this is the best MCU movie yet etc.
  15. Shadowness

    Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    Tried to watch this the other day. As with most MCU movies, I got bored and switched it off. I'll have another go at some point.
  16. Shadowness

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    I'll still WFH and keep to myself today and tomorrow just in case. But thanks for the info
  17. Shadowness

    Netflix: Drive to Survive

    I used to like Christian, thought he was a bit of a character. But him defending EVERY wrong thing RB or Max did was getting really tiring. Toto came off really well I thought.
  18. Shadowness

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    What's the deal with isolating at the moment? I had my PCR back last Friday, still testing positive on the lateral flows. I'm working from home at the moment, and generally keeping to myself (although my GF amazingly is still testing negative). Is there a point where you're over it? Despite...
  19. Shadowness

    Platypus' Beginners Guide to Running

    Anyone here doing the Brighton Marathon? It's my first marathon 'event'. Have run a fair few personal marathon distances, but excited to run a 'proper' marathon. Hoping for sub 3. 3:16 is my best time so far, but that was after a ride (ironman training), so never ran a marathon on its own.
  20. Shadowness


    One of those silly words that could have you guessing for ages today. Ran out of guesses :(