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  1. venger7779

    Wireless Mouse Advice - Low Resistance Scroll Wheel, Wireless or Bluetooth?

    Friend of mine has the MX Master 3 and loves it for work - he's constantly writing large documents so scrolling a lot. I can't say how much resistance the wheel has though. He uses the Master 3 for work and then switches to G Pro for gaming - that's how much he likes it...
  2. venger7779

    USB Joystick/Hotas

    Personally have the Thrustmaster T16000 and really pleased with it for the money.
  3. venger7779

    Microphone Advise

    Would recommend the Yeti Blue. Think it's about £110. I have it and love it and have been using it for gaming and work (remote work for Covid) and it's been faultless. I had it on the included desk stand initially and have now moved to an arm.
  4. venger7779

    Headphone Storage / Display

    +1. installed the double Truss about a two weeks ago and love it. I had a headphone stand (black pole type thing) which I never used as didn't have the space and didn't like the cables that were left hanging.
  5. venger7779

    New sound setup - advice required plz.

    Hi all, I'm looking to review my sound setup. I've got a Creative Inspire T6060 (which I'm only use in 2.1 setup) hooked up to the onboard sound on the motherboard which I use the majority of time and then plug in headphones (into the Creative volume box control box) when specifically required...
  6. venger7779

    What 1080 Ti should I buy ?

    Moved to an Aorus Extreme from a g1 1080 a couple of weeks ago. Very happy with the new Gigabyte card.
  7. venger7779

    Q: Corsair Vengeance

    Thanks for the response David. I've got a 2500k overclocked but only to 4.2Ghz so hopefully should be okay (fingers crossed!) v
  8. venger7779

    Q: Corsair Vengeance

    Hi, I've currently got two sticks of the following in my machine: CMZ8GX3M2A16008C 8GB (2x4GB) 4096MB 1600mhz 8-8-8-24 I've just been given two sticks of the following: CMZ6GX3M3A16008C 6GB (3x2GB) 2048MB 1600mhz 8-8-8-24 I've got two DIMM slots free on my motherboard. Is there...
  9. venger7779

    Forget 34UM95, here's 34UC97! (CURVED 34")

    I'm really tempted by one of these and have been reading posts from the sidelines. I currently have a Samsung 24" TN 60hz panel and am struggling to decide between this and the Swift (60hz IPS vs 144hz TN). Main use of my PC is games and will upgrade to 2x970s regardless but not sure how to...
  10. venger7779

    Putting together a NAS

    Hi, I've not heard of that brand before but looking on Google gets some good reviews, even when compared to comparable products from other manufacturers. Are you clear on what you want a NAS for as that'll help you answer the question. WD Reds are a definite choice!
  11. venger7779

    WD Red, Green or Purple?

    +1 for reds.
  12. venger7779

    spec me a nas drive

    I can't comment on the specifc D-Link as I don't know much about them but I would say you get what you pay for with NAS boxes. The Synology interface (DSM) gets rave reviews which makes them really easy to use plus you can download and run some applications on the NAS which is really...
  13. venger7779

    Synology DS414, usage

    I'm no expert but you need to be careful about adding another disk later. I'm assuming you'll setup the two disks as either RAID 0 or 1. If you go for 0 then I don't know if you can easily extend the stripping without rebuilding the whole array, ie. all data on the disks would be lost in the...
  14. venger7779

    Synology DS414, usage

    Hi, Only two drives in a 4 bay enclosure? You could save some £££ and just get a 2 bay enclosure? Simple answer to your question is yes.
  15. venger7779

    spec me a nas drive

    WD have created the 'red' range of drives specifically for NAS boxes. I see a lot of people swear by them and supposedly they're designed to be left on permanently.
  16. venger7779

    Spec me a black mechanical keyboard no lights

    Was watching a review on the new Corsair RGB and they said the same around prone to failure via ESD. Just ordered a K70 myself so fingers crossed! Apparently, the new RGB has the LEDs in the switches themselves so removes ESD problem.
  17. venger7779

    Spec me a black mechanical keyboard no lights

    Isn't there a button to turn all the LEDs off on the Corsair's?
  18. venger7779

    What do you use your 2nd monitor for

    Complete mix of stuff - watching TV, extra desktop space when moving/copying files or working on spreadsheets, extend game over both like Eve etc etc. Often torn between going back to one 30" or having two 24"...
  19. venger7779

    Recommended HDDs for Netgear NAS?

    +1 WD Reds Make sure you check the NAS HDD compatibility list as well!
  20. venger7779

    CM690 II vs Corsair 600TM

    Does anyone have any experience of both of these cases?