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  1. R.P.L

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    I have a feeling it might have been TMNT for me as well. I remember getting the soundtrack on cassette, I think for Christmas, and listening to it a LOT.
  2. R.P.L

    Pot noodle

    They're acceptable food when drunk, but then so are a lot of things. I think the last one I had was in fact a Bombay Bad Boy when I was wasted, probably about 15 years ago. I can't say I've been tempted since. EDIT: Please change the title back to Pot Nooble, as it is in GD :p
  3. R.P.L

    I love lamp

    Everyone's a little bit racist.
  4. R.P.L

    RIP Harry Billinge

    I'll be honest - I've never heard of him. But definitely sounds like he deserves an RIP from me.
  5. R.P.L

    Will Smith hits Chris Rock on Oscars stage

    Nothing wrong with a good triggering from time to time :D
  6. R.P.L

    Will Smith hits Chris Rock on Oscars stage

    To be honest, I'm not surprised by that reaction from Will Smith as he's always come across as a bit of a fake hard man. It's fair enough to have a word if you think someone has crossed the line and also fine to lamp them if they continue to be a dick about it, but walking up and slapping him...
  7. R.P.L

    Yammer Sycophants

    I've never heard of Yammer, but from this thread it basically sounds like any other social media i.e. full of people trying to kiss arse and look good.
  8. R.P.L

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    How often do people test for flu?
  9. R.P.L

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    TBH I can easily overlook the game starting in windowed mode if it runs fine otherwise.
  10. R.P.L

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    I had the full screen issue, but apart from that the game seemed to run fine and as I mentioned they had fixed the bugs that had been around for ages. Do you mean invisible guns and players in game, or missing from menus?
  11. R.P.L

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    Amazingly, they've finally fixed white phosphorous, ziplines and ammo crates in MW ground war. Only took about 6 months! I might give them some more money if MW2022 looks good after all...
  12. R.P.L

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    Magic money tree.
  13. R.P.L

    Healthy eating

    Cook stuff from scratch using fresh ingredients (lean meat, fish, greens and grains), cut out caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and processed food, get plenty of exercise. If that doesn't work then you'll need a doctor to tell you why your body isn't working properly.
  14. R.P.L

    Charity shops getting stupid with prices

    Inflation even affecting charity shops now :D
  15. R.P.L

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    Only COVID in horses though, right?
  16. R.P.L

    Need a suit but clueless about them

    Defo don't go super cheap if you can afford not to. I'd look at places that specialise in formal clothing like TM Lewin (if you can find a physical store, as they've gone pretty much online exclusively), Charles Tyrwitt (never bought a suit from them but have a few overcoats which have been...
  17. R.P.L

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    That's a disgustingly balanced and reasonable opinion that to be completely honest I don't think has any place in this thread :p
  18. R.P.L

    Shane Warne Dead

    RIP. A magician with the ball and true legend of the game, and that's before you consider that he banged Liz Hurley. I remember watching the ball to Gatting. I didn't know who he was when he stepped up to bowl, and then he delivered that absolute ripsnorter :D The first of many unplayable...
  19. R.P.L

    You can't fight fire with fire

    War is inevitable - it's human nature.
  20. R.P.L

    'Deep dish' pizza places - Any in London?

    Nah. NY pizza > Chicago pizza :p