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  1. Calum

    Need more sound!

    Hi all, Like many, I've been watching movies more than ever in the past few months but I wish the sound was a bit more immersive. I've found a bit of money down the back of the sofa and am looking to improve things. My surrent setup is: LG 55 b8 oled, Denon X520bt and 2 Dali Zensor Picos. See...
  2. Calum

    Ipad/Onedrive communication problem

    Hi all, I edit all my photos using lightroom on my ipad and back them up using onedrive. However, when attempting to back up high quality photos (stored in files) an error occurs everytime and I can't back them up! The error says: 'The operation can't be completed. Couldn't communicate with...
  3. Calum

    Mouldy wall

    Hi all, Upstairs bathroom wall (and adjacent bedroom wall) are getting increasingly mouldy. The outside of that wall looks like this: I'm not 100% sure what the cause is (roof or guttering) Who do I call to repair this? Thanks!
  4. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    I think the cable's heading down and is directly above the main fuse box for the house. I just need the socket for wardrobe lights because the only other sockets are the other side of the room!
  5. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    The 4-way extension cable I used to test it is definitely working. The wire in the wall however, I have no idea.
  6. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    You're right, there's no back box and I'm not sure it was a mains socket. I've checked all the wires going into the connector and there's nothing visibly wrong with them. Any ideas? Thanks for your help so far
  7. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    Don't think it is. Plugged an old extension cable (Definitely switched off the elec at the fuse box before attaching cables) into it to test and no joy. What can I do now? Would really like it live!
  8. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    here's what I'm looking at now
  9. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    Thanks for all the help everyone! Just before setting out to buy a stud finder, I drilled (carefully) through the backboard, in a hopeful attempt at finding the socket first time, and found it! Although next question has reared its head: what do I do if there's no faceplate, just the wires left...
  10. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    I don't think ive any photos before the wardrobes. Note for next time! Are all stud finders the same? Which one should I go for?
  11. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    The wardrobes are up to ceiling height and don't have much (if any) gap to the wall. Do you think a stud finder would work? They're only attached to the wall at the top.
  12. Calum

    Where's the plug socket?

    Hi all, Foolishly, I have put some huge IKEA wardrobes song one wall in my bedroom without leaving any access to a plug socket behind. Trouble is, I can't remember where the plug socket is. Is there a way of finding where the socket is without moving the wardrobes? Thanks!
  13. Calum

    Broken screen!

    I'm with EE but their upgrade offers are usually poor. Do I have to wait till the end to talk to the retentions team?
  14. Calum

    Broken screen!

    Hi all, Last week I dropped my belt on my s7 edge and have knackered the screen - £250 to repair! Thing is, I'm only 6 weeks away from the end of my contract. What should I do? I'm using an OLD moto g1 which is terrible and driving me mad with its quirks and need rid of it asap. I could...
  15. Calum

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Thread ****

    Yup. Posted it for repair and got it back with a new front in 5 days!
  16. Calum

    What to do?

    Afternoon, I've got the upgrade bug and there's only so many times I can visit camerapricebuster/digrev etc without going mad! I mostly shoot portraits for my own enjoyment, but being a friend amongst many poor engaged couples, I invariably end up taking a couple of weddings a year too...
  17. Calum

    *** Sony Xperia Z3 Compact ***

    Three of us! Any ideas?
  18. Calum

    About to order a Sigma 85mm 1.4!

    I ordered one for myself around a week ago, and it should be here any day now! Already had a play with one on my d7000 and practically fell in love with it, but I'll post up mu thoughts once I get my hands on my copy if you want?
  19. Calum

    The "Post your pictures here" thread.

    Master and Commander by ShockFox88, on Flickr Sam 4 Alli by ShockFox88, on Flickr First Dance by ShockFox88, on Flickr Adoring fans by ShockFox88, on Flickr
  20. Calum

    Rate The Photo Above You!

    6/10 Perhaps a taller crop would've helped lead the eye more to the foreground [/url] 129 by ShockFox88, on Flickr[/IMG]