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  1. coolsurfer

    Sony OLED - Owners Thead

    Love our 55" AF9 in the kitchen. No screenburn, vibrant colours, good sound (for a TV).
  2. coolsurfer

    High-End PC £4,000 budget: Buying final parts this month!

    Going to be a great build this one!
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    *** Official SONOS Thread ***

    Thank you. I have a Sonos Arc and 2 One SL’s as rears connected to an LG GX 65”. Mainly steam movies and tv shows via Netflix/Disney/Amazon Prime/Apple TV+ People say on the Sonos forums that not having a sub gives you only 50% of the experience so just wanted to gauge our fellow OcUK members...
  4. coolsurfer

    *** Official SONOS Thread ***

    Is the sub worth it?
  5. coolsurfer

    Sony WH-1000XM3's for desktop use?

    I use the XM2's using aux cable for work and they are great. Use my webcam mic for Teams. Can easily wear them 8+ hours per day. Sound fantastic via my Bose Companion 5 which provides a nice LOUD volume. Can either use the Bose Control Pod or the side scroll wheel on my Logitech MX Master 2 to...
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    200cm + tv unit

    We also looked at units on this page but Mrs ended up wanting the one from Delux Deco:
  7. coolsurfer

    200cm + tv unit I have the 166cm version
  8. coolsurfer

    LG 65CX or ?

    I went for the GX 65” for the gallery series zero gap look.
  9. coolsurfer

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    I have back ordered the Arc with Seven Oaks where my TV is coming from. Got a pair of ONE SL’s on the way from Curry’s that I managed to get for £128 each so quite pleased with that. As for the sub, need to save up for that and figure a way of getting it into the lounge when the Mrs isn’t looking!
  10. coolsurfer

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Snap that is the exact same one I’m wanting to get to pair up with the LG GX 65 I’ve ordered. Everywhere seems to be out of stock for the black one though.
  11. coolsurfer

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Nice! What speakers/sound bar is going with this?
  12. coolsurfer

    Priti Stick.

  13. coolsurfer

    *** The Official iPhone 12 (12 mini/12/12Pro/12Pro Max) Thread ***

    iPhone Pro Max 512GB Pacific Blue ordered from EE for £70.40/month with £50 upfront. NHS discount code.
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    BT Full Fibre (FTTP) Router Recommendations

    I’ve ordered a UDM. How come you switched back to Smart Hub 2?
  15. coolsurfer

    Router with multiple SSID and VPN

    Wonder if a Unify Dream Machine, PoE switch and some Wi-fi 6 AP would be appropriate?
  16. coolsurfer

    Router with multiple SSID and VPN

    Sorry I made a typo. I meant VLAN’s Not VPN’s. Thanks for the recommendation, will look at the spec list.
  17. coolsurfer

    Router with multiple SSID and VPN

    Finally got BT Fibre 900 installed but the Smart Hub 2 Wi-Fi is crap. Can you recommend me a new (perhaps mesh?) router that’s Wi-Fi 6 capable but allows me to create multiple separate SSID’s for different VLAN’S.
  18. coolsurfer

    FTTP 300MB vs 900MB

    Thanks all of you. I’m working from home permanently now though work tell me the VPN has a cap so it doesn’t matter how fast my connection is. With my Nest door bell and Nest camera the phone notification on copper (~50Mbps) isn’t very fast and there’s usually a delay of 10-20 seconds depending...
  19. coolsurfer

    FTTP 300MB vs 900MB

    Thanks both. And yes usually I’m the pedant who would spot incorrect units being used so thanks for that. I’ll blame it on the beer ;)