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    Abramovich & Chelsea + a bit of Everton

    Can you explain why that is?
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    Other ISP using BT Full Fibre network FTTP

    I'm also on the look out of a new FTTP provider on the Openreach network, been with BT for the last 7 years and while I've barely ever had a fault with them their prices just keep on rising which have pretty much reached a tipping point for me. After trying to renegotiate with them they would...
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    Greenlizard0 PL & Championship Football Thread ** spoilers ** [1st - 3rd January 2022]

    Chelsea leave Lukaku out of the squad for today's game, are they mad? Sure no players are bigger than the club and it was an absolute idiotic interview for Lukaku to do but over the last two games he's been on form scoring goals and giving that attacking threat Chelsea have missed over the...
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    I think Halfords will only install the dashcam if you buy from them. I had bought my own dashcam for much cheaper than Halfords offered and enquired if they could install it and went nope unless bought from them. In the end I found a professional mobile dash cam installer in my area for a...
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    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Looking for some tyre advice.. Back in September I recently got an Audi A3 quattro which had brand new tyres (225 40 R18 Y) put on at purchase by Audi, these are Continental ContiSportContact 5P (AO1), I've only done about 2000 miles on them, so far they feel pretty good in the wet and dry...
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    Audi owners in here!

    Forgot to mention it's the petrol variant so I believe it is around 190bhp, I was very surprised to find it's quoted to do 0-60 in 5.8 seconds but I guess the quattro is going to help with that. The whole thing feels a lot nicer to sit in compared to the previous Golf's I've had!
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    Audi owners in here!

    Bought my first ever Audi a couple of weekends ago, have always wanted one and still can't believe I have the keys to one :cool: After having four Golf's in a row I decided it was about time to up the game a bit! This is a facelift 2016 A3 Saloon 2.0L quattro. Drives absolutely delightful. I...
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    Golf Thread

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    Marvel Phase 4

    New Eternals teaser trailer just dropped.. looks good!
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    youtube ads

    If you use Google Chrome install the uBlock Origin adblocker extension and you won't see another YouTube ad again.
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    BT G.Fast anyone used it?

    I didn't think BT or Openreach were offering anymore and paused the rollout of it until next year. I know with FTTP not all exchanges have been upgraded yet to allow the Full Fibre 900 service and so that means some people will remain stuck on getting 300Mbps max. What does the BT...
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    BT Full Fibre (FTTP) Router Recommendations

    I bought the Netgear Nighthawk X4S Smart Wifi Router (R7800) back in May to replace the BT Smart Hub 2 and haven't looked back since! I got the BT full fibre 900 service towards the end of March and while the Smart Hub 2 was alright I found I could never achieve the full 900Mbps and at least...
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    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    I replaced my BT Smart Hub 2 with a 'Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800' a couple of weeks ago and it's been rock solid to the full 900Mbps since (in fact always pushing 930-940Mbps). I could never really max out the Smart Hub (normally 850Mbps or so) and found it couldn't really handle a high amount...
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    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    I am interested in this, I tested iperf on the local network but would definitely want to test the WAN side of the router I bought. I assume you'd setup a cloud hosted VM yourself? There will be difference between FTTC and FTTP, I had to make sure I got a router that had a WAN port on it (not...
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    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    I've been on the Full Fibre 900 package since the end of March and have been very impressed. You don't see much difference in speed with general browsing with say if you had a 100Mbps connection but downloading is just a whole new level of silly. What I haven't been impressed with is the BT...
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    2019 NFL Season Thread

    NFL scraps all four London 2020 fixtures set for Wembley and Tottenham Sad times, the rumours were strong but this confirms it however it's fully understandable. Have been going the last few years and did have plans to also go see a game...
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    Story behind your forum username?

    Amazing! Thank you so much!
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    Story behind your forum username?

    I think I joined the forums around 2003, smack in the middle of my teenage geeky days. At the time I couldn't really think of a good username so in the end just went with my favourite car brand, no idea why I stuck Enzo on the end. @Feek if it's available could I have my username changed to...
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    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    I ended up trying the '10 Gio file' which actually seems closer to 10GB in size.
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    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    Only seem to max out at around 500Mbps, tried downloading two or three at once and won't go any faster. Tried out their speedtest which appears to give a more positive result: