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    *** Xbox Series X|S - General Discussion Thread ***

    Sounds too good to be true, would certainly go for the upfront option in this case.
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    IT Career progress

    Also check out this blog post on getting started in InfoSec:
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    IT Career progress

    There are a lot of Cyber Security qualifications and courses out there, and it depends on what sort of job you are looking at. On the offensive pen testing side then I'd recommend looking at the Offensive Security training courses, they've gone up in price a lot since I did them but still...
  4. harrinp1

    Gigabyte G34WQC - 1440p ultrawide

    Thanks, Added to my list for a new build. Was originally going to look at going for a 3070 but not sure if this might justify getting a 3080 instead.
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    BT Full Fibre (FTTP) Router Recommendations

    Which Exchange are you on in Chester? I'm on south and 910 Meg wasn't available when I recently upgraded.
  6. harrinp1

    BT Full Fibre (FTTP) Router Recommendations

    I have 300Mbps BT FTTP and have been happy with my Unifi set up, I have the USG 3 which may struggle at that speed - the new Dream Machine Pro may be worth a look. Not sure if there is any Wifi 6 APs available yet, I have a single HD Nano AP which covers the entire house but pay look to add a LR...
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    Your Favorite N64 Games?

    Goldeneye Star fox Mario 64 Don't forget the Rumble pack.
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    Any C programmers wander these lands?

    I've not done much C for a while apart from the odd bit of Arduino code. A colleague of mine just released a new C programming book which looks to be quite good - Effective C: An Introduction to Professional C Programming Paperback. Another vote for Rust, but from a job perspective C may still...