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  1. Jet

    Spider in my car.

    I would hurry up and deal with it because if you don't...
  2. Jet

    Getting a refund on shoes bought online

    ASOS seem really helpful with returns but in case they aren't: Edit: Don't quote any legal stuff to start with. They're a large company and will know it all anyway, I'm sure everything will go smoothly.
  3. Jet

    Once again religion frustrates the hell out of me...

    None of that information is in dispute :confused: Almost all of it was a part of the article I posted earlier. My point is as follows: Evolution is a fact in the sense that it is overwhelmingly validated by the evidence. Frequently, evolution is said to be a fact in the same way as the...
  4. Jet

    Once again religion frustrates the hell out of me...

    And keep reading... The National Academy of Science (U.S.) makes a similar point: Scientists most often use the word "fact" to describe an observation. But scientists can also use fact to mean something that has been tested or observed so many times that there is no longer a compelling...
  5. Jet

    Once again religion frustrates the hell out of me...
  6. Jet

    Music from Tropic Thunder

    Try here:
  7. Jet

    Access Database Help

    Yo guys, I've been trying to learn Access over the past week and whilst I understand most of it, the relationships between tables has got me quite confused so I could do with some help. Basically, I'm trying to do the following: I have a main table which has information about a particular...
  8. Jet

    New Trainers

    Does anyone know where I can buy these? Or even what the name of the range is?
  9. Jet

    New design - thoughts?

    Pretty much unanimous then lol. Might have a re-think. Thanks for the opinions guys.
  10. Jet

    New design - thoughts?

    Old: New: Other updated pages: Reason for change? 1. Bored with the...
  11. Jet

    World Cup 2010 - Round of 16 (Knock-out stage) **spoilers**

    Not really. What about Lampards other chance and Defoe off the bar? Offside but very tight. We've been terrible in defence but I'm still confident we can score again.
  12. Jet

    Which UK political party is better for the motorist?

    Just to add a bit more from the manifesto: Undertake preparations for the introduction of a system of road pricing in a second parliament. Any such system would be revenue- neutral for motorists, with revenue from cars used to abolish Vehicle Excise Duty and reduce fuel duty, helping those in...
  13. Jet

    Do planes have any effect on climate?

    With the release of the revised statement[85] by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in 2007, no remaining scientific body of national or international standing is known to reject the basic findings of human influence on recent climate change...
  14. Jet

    Dawkins trying to arrest Pope Benedict Xvi

    Agnosticism has nothing to do with belief.
  15. Jet

    Dawkins trying to arrest Pope Benedict Xvi

    Like it or not there is no absolute definition. Writers disagree how best to define and classify atheism,[26] contesting what supernatural entities it applies to, whether it is an assertion in its own right or merely the absence of one, and whether it requires a conscious, explicit rejection...
  16. Jet

    Earth Hour 2010 @ 20:30

    That was aimed at the thread in general not you specifically, I should have made that more clear, apologies. See above. Although I'd ask which subjects you disagree with the scientific community on? As far as I know no one argues that humans are the biggest factor in climate change as a...
  17. Jet

    Earth Hour 2010 @ 20:30

    Of course but quite why you would disagree with the consensus without being extremely knowledgeable in the subject or actively involved in the research is quite perplexing. Not to mention the fact that probably everyone in this thread is happy to take the scientific community's opinion on...
  18. Jet

    Earth Hour 2010 @ 20:30 The scientific consensus on climate change is that human activity is the main cause of present-day global warming. However, political, economic, and public debate continues regarding the reality and extent of global warming...
  19. Jet

    Earth Hour 2010 @ 20:30 From a brief Google search. An interesting paragraph from the Guardian article: Even though there is...
  20. Jet

    Earth Hour 2010 @ 20:30

    Tbh I don't care if they're at the top of their field unless their field is climate science. Their opinion is as worthless as yours or mine on such an important issue. And according to wiki: The scientific consensus is that solar variations do not play a major role in determining...