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  1. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    What is magic? Undocumented/undiscovered science?
  2. trojan698

    What watch do you wear?

    Cheapoas casio ftw, retro, cost-efficient and lasts a few years. Scratches? Who cares. Buy one at your local warehouse related toy store. £8.38
  3. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    aha, naebody here then.
  4. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    Sorry, I thought they were saying there could be no god, my bad. I actually liked magic the gathering btw, but I'm sorry to say it's just a game.
  5. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    That's what I was saying.
  6. trojan698


    I like amethyst.
  7. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    Depends how generous the dog dealer was eh? 4g's instead of the classic 3.5 would be good
  8. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    BS, Bologna (first university) founded 1088. Aztecs 13th century.
  9. trojan698


    Rotty: Did your daddy overthrow you?? Serious question.
  10. trojan698


    My straight jacket is in the other room. It necessitates two people to get it occupied.
  11. trojan698


    I posted an immensely pertinent thread about my daddy and his escapades only to find it has been deleted. I was looking for advice but all I have left to say is DOUBLE-U TEE EFF? I am the incarnation of someone who used to cool, please treat me respectfully and not like one of your...
  12. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    I was well into crystals. Black tourmaline being my favourite I got into them a bit. Your being creates negative energy sometimes and stores it into your physical body, but can be released through your chakra system. Hocus pocum on this forum I imagine but dig deeper. ps rotty, I object to my...
  13. trojan698

    Spec me a mountain bike £500

    or just buy a rockhopper.
  14. trojan698

    ED induced through use of porn

    Aye man I ended my sexual relationship with my computer months ago. She doesn't purr as much as she used to but it's all good. I told her first person shooters only which she has kindly accepted. My computer chair is now more forgiving also.
  15. trojan698

    Spec me a mountain bike £500
  16. trojan698

    Has the shine come off the SNP?

    Big time. Don't trust them anymore like.
  17. trojan698

    cornflake price hike shocker!

    I remember when the beans went from 3p to 9p, a 200% increase. crybeans.
  18. trojan698

    Hello! Change my name back please.. :)

    Hi! Can I go back to trojan698 please? Hate this MeatSack :) Cheers!
  19. trojan698

    What do u do when you're bored?

    Yeah I cant smoke anymore, makes me paranoid.. (after 10 *** yrs) I'm getting drunk, it's the best option. Wish my pals were coming round, but have got none available.. so annoying! Keep drinking I think I will. sidenote, bought a wireless kb n mouse the other day and omg, where they been...
  20. trojan698

    Ever bought any crystals?

    No no! I wrote them a review because I was genuinely impressed. That's all guv. promise.