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  1. kaku

    What "man jobs" have you done today?

    Looks lovely. If you had to do it again, would you change anything? Anything you wish you'd known/checked before tackling it?
  2. kaku

    Show Us Your Motors!

    That FD looks amazing. Highly envious!
  3. kaku

    Paint Sheen

    Personally not a fan of the glossy look either so I did matte white emulsion on walls/ceiling and eggshell white on skirting/architrave/etc. (both water-based). Initially tried satin on the woodwork but didn't like it at all.
  4. kaku

    Talk me out of buying a FD RX7

    Already regret not buying one of these a while back when they were circa £15k. In more of a position to look after something like it now but I feel like time is running out - if you want one, do it!
  5. kaku

    Tools you'd like to receive as a gift?

    A quality ratcheting screwdriver/bit set is great for one of those 'buy it for life' things. A laser level is good example of something that is a bit of a luxury but does make your life a lot easier.
  6. kaku

    Mathematicians in here please

    What do you mean by it "doesn't work" for your price? The explanation from MrRockliffe above makes sense to me. The percentage ownership between you and your partner don't change over time, only the percentage ownership split between yourselves as a couple and the mortgage lender (which are...
  7. kaku

    Downlighting advice

    Judging from the box the LED is integrated into the unit. There's no separate bulb to swap. If you wanted to replace the whole unit you'd need to fit one that matches whatever bulb you're trying to use.
  8. kaku

    Show Us Your Motors!

    That RX7 is gorgeous. Looks like the 370 has had a front-end impact though? (bonnet hinges popped)
  9. kaku

    Hard-line Joiner

    I know Bitspower do hard tube couplers, I'm sure other brands have similar. Try searching for "Bitspower Dual Enhance Multi-Link Coupler Fitting". Looks something like this:
  10. kaku

    Upgrade path 8700k 5GHZ?

    I would say don't bother unless you're going to a 5900X. I was due an upgrade from work so I went from a 8700k to 3900X - gaming performance difference was negligible, and even worse in some older titles (eg. Diablo 3 runs particularly poorly on the 3900X). For general usage and multithreaded...
  11. kaku

    Paint bubbling after washing

    What did it look like after it was repaired? Looks like an awful repair job to me but I'm no expert.
  12. kaku

    Spec me a CCTV System

    Thanks for posting these. I'm planning a similar project but have no idea where to start so it's great to see how other people have managed it.
  13. kaku

    Insulating aluminium to prevent corrosion

    I came to the same solution (ended up checking with a magnet) - could have just contacted Barrow in the first place! Not as bad as aluminium, but still far enough apart according to Wikipedia's anodic index chart to make me uncomfortable. I'm going to make a copy of the part using Delrin/Acetal...
  14. kaku

    Insulating aluminium to prevent corrosion

    I think Optimum Tech produce great looking videos but to be honest they're not a great source of detailed or technical information. I've pretty much decided to just fabricate a new part. There's a little while before the next generation of graphics cards are available so it's not like I could...
  15. kaku

    Insulating aluminium to prevent corrosion

    Yeah it definitely contacts: there's two rectangular O-rings inside - one between the leftmost 'square' of screws for port C and another between the rightmost square covering ports B and A. The loop is going to be using EPDM tubing so I'd rather sort it now - any corrosion/deposits that appear...
  16. kaku

    Insulating aluminium to prevent corrosion

    Having given up hope of being able to grab a Swiftech Apogee Drive II, I decided to pick up Barrow's LTPRK-04 CPU block/pump combo for a mini-ITX build I'm working on. It looks great, but with a single huge oversight: the pictured blanking plate used to seal the side of the reservoir is made of...
  17. kaku

    Broken Coin Tray is "Wear and Tear" according to Mercedes Dealer

    Like others have said all the dealers are at it, you just get some that are less worse than others. A few years ago I had a main dealer try to tell me a blown turbo a month after buying a used car from them was firstly 'wear and tear', and then a 'consumable that needed replacing from time to...
  18. kaku

    BMW and M Power Owners

    To me, 'aftermarket' suggests it wasn't factory fitted, as opposed to not being a genuine M Performance kit. I would expect to see 'replica' or 'clone' somewhere in there.
  19. kaku

    Bitspower Hardline Fittings

    Usually with the compression-type hard tube fittings you have 3 or 4 O-rings in total: 2 (or 3) inside the fitting recepticle and 1 inside the compression cap. So you go: 1. Cap on tube 2. O-ring onto tube (cap should sit on top) 3. Insert tube into fitting 4. Move outer O-ring down the tube to...
  20. kaku

    Bitspower Hardline Fittings

    Compression fittings for soft tubing have both an inner barb and an outer compression ring - that's why you need to match both the inner and outer diameter with the tubing. Hard tube fittings are push-fit that seal around the outside only, so you just need to match the outer diameter. When you...