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  1. Soundood

    *** Youtube/Video thread ***

    I was dancing to tracks like this when I was seventeen, this is modern piano house at its best ;-)
  2. Soundood

    Enhanced DBS Check

    I had the same issue, mine was coming from Scotland, and was delayed due to the fact I was part of a crowd that was convicted of killing a guy when I was 16, a guy I was with beat him to deathwith a baseball bat, swear it wasnt me guv
  3. Soundood

    If you had the opportunity to attend an autopsy, would you?

    seen a few myself, I used to go up to Glasgow Uni and watch the students doing them, interesting place, you would view from a standing gallery around the room, with cabinets full of body parts in formaldehyde. when something is dead, it is easy to detach from the reality, that is was alive at...
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    Bad breath - come on!

    yep, had bad teeth for a while, had them out and got a denture, but 6 months later, suspected heart attack, rushed into cardiology wing, had the line put in my groin for a stent, discovered infection of the heart lining and valves (Endocarditis) had IV antibiotics, and left after two days well...
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    Recent approach to forum moderation has reduced thread quality + fun factor

    this is a very interesting thread, and I have to agree, and of course from only a personal perspective, I was never a 'here all the time member' but hung around a lot, recently (maybe last few months) I only ever pop in here as force of habit, and I only pop into to see the youtube thread and...
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    Burnt my Hawaiian pizza...

    very good, made me lol
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    Tower block fire - london

    I was over there today, the smell of burning in the air was very sobering, and the locals were very somber, just very very sad.
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    Poll: Do you eat cheese and jam on toast?

    cheese and jam, or otherwise known as the 'miners piece' is from the north of England/Scotland and was a sandwich taken down the mines for break time by the miners, still loved by many around the country, including me.
  9. Soundood

    London Bridge Incident

    today - thoughts with the family's after this terrible incident. Monday 8am - begin internment, rounding up every single jihadi on the watch list, imprison or deport depending on evidence, it really is time to drain the swamp.
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    Ebay diamond ring...

    I wonder if you enquire its availible for vewing at a jewelers, attempt at viral marketing, by a 10 year old.
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    Retail Clothing Store (Work) advice in London

    my daughter works for River Island, she gets 1 full outfit every 6 weeks from the shop for free, and gets a 40% discount on all other things. when she started she got 2 full outfits to start, she has a contract with set hours, and a good management in place, allowing her holidays within reason...
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    Help with thank you for Sikh family

  13. Soundood

    British Airways - Massive IT Disruption Worldwide

    Firesale, seen it in the last Die Hard movie
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    Good ways to promote a start up business.

    I get a ton of work via nextdoor, people are sooo into looking for local trades/produce etc. now. keep all your social media tight and updated with the same branding, many people use differant forms of social media to digest info, so hit the lot, facebook, twitter, instagram...
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    Katie Hopkins Sacked

  16. Soundood

    Manchester Bombing *** Please remain respectful and refrain from antagonising posts ***

    leaked pictures from British forensics? something not right here.
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    Manchester Bombing *** Please remain respectful and refrain from antagonising posts ***

    for anyone who has a spare couple of pounds, you can donate here to support the family's of those involved in this tragedy,